Dr Oz: Guideline Of Sleep Types & Short Sleep Type Needs More Selenium


Dr Oz: Sleep vs Diet Relationship

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have conducted a study that shows diet and sleep are correlated to one another. The study was conducted on 4,500 Americans from around the country, and the researchers were able to find that everyone fits neatly into four different sleep types based on the amount of sleep they get each night.

Dr Oz: Sleep Study Could Fight Obesity In America

Dr Oz: Guideline Of Sleep Types & Short Sleep Type Needs More Selenium

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Michael Grander about the relationship between sleep and diet, and he talked with people who represent the four sleep types about their diets.


  1. vgs1895 says

    I only watched a bit of the show, but I was very disappointed in the people they chose to represent short sleepers and very short sleepers. These were clearly people who wanted more sleep, but couldn’t get it for a variety of reasons. What about those of us who voluntarily are short sleepers. My sister and I get about five hours a night because we like it. We don’t live together or anything, but we discovered that we both are short sleepers. I’d rather be up doing things than sleeping. We love it!

  2. says

    looking for the show where a Dr. (don’t remember her name) talked about antioxidant. One in particular started with the letters psi

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