Dr Oz: Gurmar Extract & Hibiscus Tea for Kidneys: Gumar Extract


Dr Oz did a segment on Kidney Health, and said that kidneys can get damaged from high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.  So, Doctor Oz gave a few Natural Remedies including Gurmar Extract (Gymnema Sylvestre is another name for Gumar Extract) for blood sugar and Hibiscus Tea to lower blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Where Are Your Kidneys?

Dr Oz said that your kidneys are the body’s trashDr Oz Gumar Extract collector that keeps waste from building up in your body.  You can feel where your kidneys are located by sitting forward in your chair and putting your hands on your hips and then moving them up until you feel the bottom of your ribs.  Move to the back portion of this part of your ribs and hit it lightly with a fist – that is where your kidneys are and if it hurts, it could be a sign of kidney infection or tumors.

Dr Oz: What Do Kidneys Look Like?

Dr Oz said that kidneys process 50 gallons of blood every day.  You can see a large blood vessel that brings the blood to the kidneys, but the kidneys themselves feel rubbery and all of the “action” is on the inside of the kidneys.  If you look inside of the kidneys, you will see collecting ducts that have long tubes where water and blood flows through.  The red blood cells can’t get through, but the garbage is pushed out into the bladder where you get rid of it.  So, the basic process in the kidney is that the blood goes through your kidney, where it gets cleaned, and your kidney gets rid of anything that should not be there.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar for Kidney Health

Dr Oz said that it is important to know two key numbers which can tell us about how you are taking care of your kidneys: your blood pressure and your blood sugar.  If your blood pressure is over 115/75 (which is perfect) you could by hypertensive, which bashes away at your kidneys and can cause irreversible damage.  You want your fasting blood sugar to be 70-88 mg/dl.  Dr Oz said that it is projected that at some point, 1/3 of us will be Diabetic – that is a huge number.  If you have Diabetes, sugar can stick to your kidneys and damage them.


  1. Joyce D Annese says

    I trust Dr Oz and he is really the only doctor I do trust. I know that you also have to be careful with your diet to help with blood sugar and high blood pressure, but isn’t it nice to be told other thing’s that you can also do to help with these medical conditions? Doctors will only give you a pill or medication from the pharmacy, but I would rather do the holistic natural way, wouldn’t you? Dr Oz wants you to be healthy, and he tells you ways to help yourself to get into better health, doctors want you to stay sick, or they don’t make any money, if you get healthy they lose money. I love watching Dr Oz every day that I can to get the information that he gives to us daily, and you don’t have to pay for an office visit and wait an hour or more to see the doctor, he is on every day at the same time, and no waiting. Love his show

  2. Fanny says

    uh… what is helen daniel talking about? “I wrote to you about 9 raisins w/ gyn for home remedy, and then YOU used it!”

    Does she think she is messagin to Dr. Oz?


  3. Kairen says

    If you are using liquid Gumar, as was done on the show how many drops translates into 200 mg, and do you just drop it onto the tongue or into water?

  4. Bonnie says

    I would like to know all the answers to the questions above and why aren’t they posted so we can see.. u show the gurmar extract but don’t sell it on here? What’s up with that? and the Hibiscus tea?

  5. says

    Bonnie, we do not sell any products on wellbuzz.com. We are a gathering place for all of Dr Oz’s fans to discuss his shows and advice. But since we are not medical professionals, we cannot give medical advice or elaborate on what Dr Oz might have meant (such as how many drops equals 200 mg of the liquid Gurmar Extact). Here are some links though to where I found these products:

    Gurmar Extract

    Hibiscus Tea

    Hope this helps!

  6. Joanne says

    There are two types of Hibiscus that are used medicinally. Which one Dr. Oz are you referring to? Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis? or Hibiscus Sabdariffa?

  7. says

    You can buy (Gymnema Sylvestre Liquid Extract) Gurmar at BotanicChoice.com. Suggested dosage says 28 drops 1-2 times daily in water. Cost is $5.00 for 1 oz bottle. They also sell the Hibiscus Tea.

  8. Tina Bottensek says

    Thank you for the information! I am happy to say that I had a Kidney transplant 5 years ago and feel wonderful!

  9. Patricia Thomas says

    Helen Daniel, don’t pay any attention to what rude people say. It’s very common to think that you’re actually talking to the person when in fact you are talking to a representative of the show. I’ve thought that before and my family doesn’t think that I’m lame and that’s all that matters! 🙂

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