Dr Oz: Gymnema Sylvestre, Mistletoe Extract & Milk Thistle Quick Fixes


Dr Oz: Sweet Tooth, Salt & Hangover Quick Fixes

Are hooked on sugar or salt?  In this segment, Dr Oz gives you his quick fixes in a bottle.  Read on to find out the 3 Super Supplements that can curb those vices.

Dr Oz: Milk Thistle Hangover Cure

Liz, an audience member, stated that her vice is alcohol.  She enjoys a beer while watching the football game.  Liz loves beer because there are so many different brands and flavors.  Dr Oz then asked her if she had more than one beer/alcoholic drink a day . (Glad he didn’t ask me!)  Liz stated that she sometimes does — what starts off as one drink at a party turns into two and then into four. (Raise your hand if you can relate.)  Dr Oz asked if she had tried any hangover remedies.  Liz’s remedy cure?  Bacon. (Never heard of it, but it sounds pretty darn good to me.) While Liz claimed it worked for her, Dr Oz was a little skeptical.


  1. 531avenueb says

    Cannot find mistletoe extract at any of the health food stores. One store told me that it was poisionous for the human body… is that correct?

  2. cannabiscures says

    I’ve been doing some research on this and I have found that Mistletoe Extract has been used for ages in treating cardiovascular issues and also as a treatment for cancer. Countries in Europe even go as far as to inject the Extract directly into a cancer tumor. Oddly enough the U.S. does not allow importation of this particular injection Extract.

    I cannot find any local however I have not tried any holistic venues in the area. I was able to find Mistletoe Extract online through various suppliers/websites. It ranges from $7-10 for a 1oz bottle or around $25-30 for a 4oz bottle. I found a suggestion on drugs.com for the oral ingestion dosage of Mistletoe Extract being 10g (grams) daily in water. Which would just about go with Dr. Oz’s suggestion of 10 drops a day.

    However I have found the entire plant IS poisonous to humans, but when given in this form and at such low dosages, the toxicity level drops….. So yeah I dunno.

    Oh, and Pregnant Woman or Lactating Women should not use the Extract as it will carry to the baby either in the womb or through the milk.

  3. Jamie says

    Mistletoe is POISON. It will make your heart race until it finally stops. Dr. Oz, you’re a moron and make my job as an herbalist endlessly difficult.

  4. Richard Cope says

    I am a herbalist, and I believe YOUR information regarding mistletoe extract may not be completely accurate. The mistletoe plant does contain some toxic properties, as does just about every plant in nature in one aspect or another. With regards to your statement about making “your heart race until it finally stops”, is completely without validity. I will reference my comment with the 3rd edition of the PDR of Herbal Medicines, pp 302-306, specifically  pg 304 under the heading “Precautions and Adverse Reactions”.  If you wish to refute a statement posted by someone, please post your counter argument with references cited, and not make people take you at your word solely. 

  5. Alison Birks, MS. AHG,CNS says

    I am trying to find this segment where Dr. Oz recommends mistletoe for salt cravings– are you sure that he said that? I could not find it on the Dr. Oz website and he definitely lists plenty of warnings for mistletoe on his site. Please read my statement regarding mistletoe:

    “A customer came into the natural foods store where I work /practice looking for mistletoe extract, because of advice on the Dr. Oz show. I am fully aware of the potential dangers of mistletoe–especially if taken while on other blood pressure lowering medications (hypotensive crisis for example). Also, it is a potentially toxic botanical–esp. during pregnancy. Lastly, with the Christmas season approaching, fresh mistletoe is more widely available and someone might think it is okay to make tea from the fresh herb–this would be a disaster if the other species of mistletoe (American) were used! “

  6. cannabiscures says

    @Alison Birks,

    I’m not sure he said anything about using it for salt cravings specifically. I believe what was said is he uses Mistletoe Extract to ween his patients OFF of high blood pressure medicine. I believe he also suggested it for people that have high salt cravings.

    The “Potential Dangers” that you speak of are more of warnings than anything. Everywhere reputable I have found that lists Mistletoe as a diuretic, state you should not take it while on any type of blood pressure (high or low) medication. Note that Dr. Oz said he uses this to ween people OFF of their current medication which I can assure you the side effects of are 10x worse than the correct dosage of Mistletoe Extract.

    Anything can be “potentially” toxic. We can “potentially” talk about this forever. Take 15 Asprin’s and I guarantee it will “potentially” be your last headache.

    As per the pregnancy comment, my wife is currently pregnant. And the list of medications/foods that can be potentially harmful to the fetus, is longer than my entire body.
    When you are pregnant you have to be careful of even drinking spoiled milk. So singling this out at all in the prosecution of Mistletow Extract, is useless really.

    Lastly, Christmas season approaching and people making their own tea? From what I know of mistletoe sold in the united states is every package it may come in or container that it comes in, is clearly marked DANGER POISON. So if some fool decides to make tea from their own Mistletoe, I call that weeding out the herd. Not to mention being a tea isn’t even CLOSE to the same type of extraction used for the Mistletoe Extract we are speaking of.

    The precautions taken with this medication should be the same as any other medication herbal or not. Research First, Contact your Dr. and discuss further (Although I can guarantee 9/10 Dr’s would probably be clueless at first.), take the appropriate dosage (Don’t drink the whole bottle at once.. I.E. OVERDOSE!) etc etc etc.. It’s really not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. I mean Christ, we take medication derived from mold. Eat a moldy piece of bread and see what happens…… Take a Penicillin capsule, totally different effect…. Catch my drift here?

  7. says

    The homeopathic form of mistletoe (viscum album) is the safest way to use mistletoe, and works well for H.B.P., headaches and some have used it for female problems such as heavy menstruation.

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