Dr Oz: Gynecologist Secrets: Questions for Your OBGYN

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Dr Oz: Gynecologist Secrets: Questions for Your OBGYN

By on October 18, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called the Secrets of Your Gynecologist to give us Gynecologists Insider Secrets.  How do ObGyn’s treat themselves?  What questions must you ask your gynecologist during your next appointment?  Doctor Oz said he did this show to try to bridge the gap between the general public and gynecologists.  Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Lauren Streicher, who did a survey of 100 board certified gynecologists to find out what they would do to treat themselves.  Dr Streicher’s mission was to reveal the secret inside knowledge that ObGyn’s have. Dr Oz: Gynecologist Secrets: Questions for Your OBGYN

So now is your opportunity to contribute!  What questions do you have for your ObGyn that you are too afraid to ask?  Here are some that come to mind:

Should I call to cancel my ObGyn appointment if I get my period?

Should I take a pregnancy test before going to the ObGyn if I think I am pregnant?

Is there anything I can do at home to figure out if I have a yeast infection?

If I think that I have a yeast infection, is there any at home remedies that will cure it?  Or are there only home remedies to prevent yeast infections like yogurt and cranberry juice?

Those are some ObGyn that come to mind, but we would love to hear your questions (not matter how embarrassing they are!).  So please leave a comment below with your thoughts and questions.  If we can, we will try to find an ObGyn who is willing to answer all of your questions!  And if you happen to be an ObGyn, we welcome you to answer all of the above questions as well as any questions our readers write in the comment section below! (Dr Lauren Streicher, this is a special invitation to you! We would love for you to answer our questions so that we can do a feature article on you!)

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Comments to Dr Oz: Gynecologist Secrets: Questions for Your OBGYN

  1. Dr. Streicher & Dr. Oz should listen to their colleague Dr. Larry Norton at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer center on the subject of combined birth control pills and the high risks of using estrogen which feeds cancer growth. 1 out of 8 women in the U.S. are being diagnosed with breast cancer today and this article says 82% of American’s take the birth control pill. Regardless of what some doctors will tell you, just think about it, there is a connection. If you need to see the scientific studies that connect the two, check out The Breast Cancer Fund.org It’s all there and it’s all free. There are better ways to treat acne and menstrual cramps than birth control, ask me and I can give you a laundry list of safe natural options.

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