Dr Oz: Hair After 40 Years Old- Food for Thin & Gray Hair

Doctor Oz gave a list of foods like avocado, raisins, and black-eyed peas that help thinning hair, gray hairs and dry hair for women 40 years old and above – though these tips can help people of all ages because they are all Healthy Foods To Eat for everyone!  Food for Thin & Gray Hair

Avocado Prevents Gray Hair

Dr Oz said that by eating avocado, which contains a component found in melanin that changes hair color, you can fight off gray hair.  Avocados have Copper and Melanocytes, which your hair needs in order to not turn gray.

Raisins Prevent Thinning Hair

Dr Oz said that raisins prevent Sparse Strands, because thinning hair can be the result of iron deficiency.  Raisins are an iron rich food, which is needed to transport Hemoglobin through your blood to transport Oxygen, which is necessary to help prevent thinning hair.

Black-Eyed Peas Prevent Coarse, Brittle, Dry Hair

Dr Oz said that Black-eyed Peas are a protein rich food which gives you shiny hair.  If you do not have enough protein, then your hair gets coarse, brittle and dry.  During a woman’s menopause, their hair tends to get more brittle and dry, which is why older women often have trouble growing their hair long due to hair breakage.

How Long To Do A Mayonnaise Hair Mask?

Doctor Oz mentioned a Hair Mayonnaise Treatment where you put mayonnaise in your hair as a great hair mask for healthy, shiny, strong hair.  You should put mayonnaise in your hair and leave it for at least 15 minutes before taking a shower.

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