Dr Oz: Hair Color That Makes You Look Younger


Dr Oz: Rita Hazan Hair Color

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced top celebrity hair colorist, Rita Hazan, the owner of the Rita Hazan Salon.  Dr Oz had Rita make over three audience members to make them look years younger with a simple change of hair color.

Jill, the first audience member, had used the same hair color as she did when she was in her 20s.  Rita explained that while that may have been okay then, skin changes color as we age and so should our hair color.  Rita lightened up Jill’s base color 1-2 shades and then put in some highlights.  Jill came out to show us the “after” image.  Her hair looked much better and was more balanced.  Rita made a small change but it made a big difference. Jill loved it.


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