Dr Oz: Hair Restoration Scams: Are Hair Implant Surgeries Safe?


Dr Oz: Hair Restoration Scams

It was time to expose companies who prey on women who feel ashamed or embarrassed about their hair loss. Investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy set out to expose companies taking advantage of hair restoration and scamming consumers into spending money. Elisabeth reported that hair restoration is a booming business with transplants up 27% since 2012. Costly clinics are promising fool-proof results but horror stories and bad experiences are becoming more and more common. Hair loss surgeries gone wrong result in excessive bleeding, infection, scarring, and failure to actually restore hair.  But Dr. Oz also shared some lovely success stories, including a lady named Tanya who even has a YouTube channel to talk about how amazing her doctor (Dr. Matt Huebner) is at doing hair transplants and restoration surgeries for African American women!

Dr Oz: Hair Transplant Surgery

The problem is that unskilled doctors or technicians are attempting the procedure without sufficient training. The lack of training is more common than you may think, thanks to three-day courses and even online training that promise to train doctors or technicians on how to perform hair restoration techniques.

Dr Oz: Hair Restoration Scams + Lack Of Training, Scary Results

Dr Oz learned more about hair restoration scams and how insecure women are being taken advantage of by untrained doctors putting their health at risk. (globetrotteri / Flickr)

Elisabeth went undercover with a woman named Ann who suffers from thinning hair. Together, they visited a hair restoration clinic with terrifyingly bad online reviews. Ann was told by the doctor there that they guarantee their work 100%.  But lets see the truth on the next page…

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