Dr Oz: Hairless Toes Indicate Heart Disease & Feet Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Feet Warning Signs

Your feet carry the weight of your whole body, but they can also give you life saving clues about your body. In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Gina, a brave soul who dared to stand on Dr Oz’s stage barefoot. Gina stated that she didn’t consider her feet the prettiest party of her body because she had hair on her toes. (I thought that was just me…seriously.) Gina was surprised to hear that, according to Dr Oz, having hair on the toes was a good thing. (A collective sigh from me and every other woman with Yeti looking feet!)


  1. Angela Reimer says

    With regard to the Gout problem, I have to mention that I do not drink alcohol and I do not like red meat. I eat it maybe once a week, if that. I have the gout under control with medication which I would dearly love to stop taking. I found the hairless feet very interesting as I too have this condition and I also have homocystine desease. I find your emails very interesting, thank you. Regards Angela – Merry Xmas to you and all.

  2. Debbie Berry says

    I had a heart attack August 2014 and now my toes are hairless. Should I worry about another attack any time soon?

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