Dr Oz: Harmful Habits & Bad Habits Hazardous To Your Health

Dr Oz did a segment on Harmful Habits.  Could bad habits be hazardous to your health?  Of course!  Doctor Oz spoke about one couple’s struggle with bad habits and how to break those bad habits in order to improve your health.

Dr Oz: Bad Habit #1: Fast Food

The wife told Dr Oz that her husband is a total fast food junky and loves to eat his burgers.  Meanwhile, she Dr Oz Bad Habitseats a very healthy diet and wishes that he would get on a healthier track.

Dr Oz: Bad Habit #2: Peach Iced Tea

This husband’s second bad habit is that he washes everything down with peach iced tea, whereas she drinks lots of water.  Every peach iced tea that he drinks has 180 calories and is full of sugar.

Dr Oz: Bad Habit #3: Playing Video Games

The third, and final, bad habit that the wife mentioned to Dr Oz is that her husband only wants to play video games and she wants him to go for walks with him.

Dr Oz: Harmful Habits

Dr Oz agreed that these behaviors need to change and he asked the couple to pick just one of the bad habits to give up this year.  His wife said that she would like him to give up the Peach Iced Tea.  Sure enough, he also picked that bad habit to give up over the junk food and video games.  Honestly though, I would think that junk food is worse for you than Peach Iced Te, although both are bad for you.

Dr Oz: How to Break Bad Habits

Dr Oz said that all of the sugar in Peach Iced Tea can lead to Diabetes and Heart Disease, plus it effects the brain in a dramatic way.  A great way to break bad habits is to ease into it.  For example, if you want to give up Peach Iced Tea or another sugary drink, start by slowly diluting it with water.  Keep adding more and more water until you are used to it.  And then you can transition to drinking regular water all the time.  Another great tip is to try adding lemon, lime, or orange wedges to regular water to give it some flavor without all of the extra calories.

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