Dr Oz: HCG Diet, HCG Drops & HCG Shots: Weight Loss Miracle or Hype?

Dr Oz did a segment called Weight Loss Miracle or Hype: The HCG Diet.  Doctor Oz said that the HCG Diet is a controversial diet where people claim to lose a pound a day and yet they never feel hungry.  People including doctors have lost weight on the HCG Diet, so does it really work? Is it safe?  Is it the miracle weight loss tool we have been waiting for?

Dr Oz: HCG Diet for Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that thousands of people swear by the HCG DIet, but it dates back to the 1950’s when a doctor found that HCG could promote weight loss by suppressing Dr Oz HCG Injectionappetite and burning fat.  On the HCG Diet you only eat 500 calories per day, rather than the 1200 calories that most dietitian believe to be safe.

Dr Oz: What is HCG?

Dr Oz said that HCG is the hormone that pregnancy tests measure in your urine to determine if you are pregnant or not.  HCG stimulates other hormones in your body to keep a blood supply for the growing fetus.  There is no real reason though why HCG should keep anyone from getting hungry.  The thing that confuses me about this whole theory is that if HCG suppresses your hunger, why don’t all pregnant women lose their appetite throughout their entire pregnancy?

Dr Oz: HCG Drops vs HCG Shots

Dr Oz said that you can either get HCG Shots or HCG Drops that you put on your tongue.  Dr Sheri Emma is a doctor in New Jersey who prescribes the HCG Diet for her patients.  On this diet you usually have something like a coffee for breakfast, an apple as a snack, a small protein with a vegetable for lunch, a melba toast mid-afternoon snack, another small protein and vegetable for dinner, and an apple snack at night.  The core question though is whether or not the HCG hormone really suppresses your hunger or not.

Dr Oz: HCG Shot & 500 Calories Per Day

Dr Oz asked Dr Sheri Emma why you have to be so dramatic and cut your intake down to 500 calories instead of 1000 or 1200 calories.  Dr Emma said that obesity is becoming an epidemic in this country and people need to get to their goals faster. You are not just living off of the 500 calories from your food anyway, your body also begins to take calories from your fat stores.  Interestingly, Dr Oz noted that HCG is a FDA approved drug for use by fertility specialists.

Dr Oz: HCG Diet Success

Dr Oz spoke with several women who all said they had tremendous success while on the HCG Diet.  Lisa said the first two days she was hungry, but she ate lots of greens and drank lots of water and before long she had much more energy and felt better than ever.  Lisa lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks, but I have to say that Lisa looked extremely skinny and I cannot imagine that she needed to go on such a strict diet – you have the perfect body Lisa!  Another lady said she dropped 30 pounds in 6 weeks and had no side effects and even felt better.

Dr Oz: How To Do The HCG Diet

Michelle told Dr Oz that she lost over 50 pounds and it was the best diet she had ever been on.  Michelle wakes up every morning and gives herself an HCG Shot to subside hunger.  Then she has a cup of tea for breakfast, 3.5 ounces of protein and vegetables for lunch, and basically the same diet outlined above.  She said the hardest part was giving up dairy and carbs and that you do have to be disciplined to go from 1500 calories per day down to 500 calories.  Michelle said the HCG Diet has taught her portion control and it will help her when she goes off the diet.  Dr Emma said it costs $800 for a 6 week program and before she lets anyone go on the HCG Diet, she does a full panel of blood work, looks at vitamin deficiencies and hormone levels.

Dr Oz: HCG Scam

Dr Oz asked Dr Emma about the HCG Drops, and she said that HCG Drops are Homeopathic Drops which can only contain trace amounts of real HCG, so it is not pharmaceutical grade.  Dr Oz met a lady named Nina, who is a radio host in Chicago, and she took the HCG Drops.  In fact, even Dr Oz’s wife Lisa took HCG Drops.  Nina said she lost 50 pounds with the HCG Drops and has been able to keep the weight off.  She just used HCG Drops three times a day.  Nina got her HCG Drops from Gary Arbuckle, DC.  Arbuckle also tried the HCG Drops and said he lost 35 pounds in 40 days because men lose weight faster than women.  He said that he gets his HCG Drops through a FDA inspected pharmaceutical company and claims that they are effective like the HCG Shots.


  1. Jim Spears PhD says

    Human choronic gonadotrophin iHCG) is identical to pituitaryLH. It is ovulatory and luteotrophc in females. In males it would stimulate tlhe interstitial cells of Leydig ( in the testes) to initiate the production of testosterone.
    I would seriously doubt it has a sublingual effect

  2. Mike S. says

    I have been using the drops for a while. Both times have lost more weight then I have ever done on anything before. Sure 500 calories is low. You are not hungry thou and there are times I have to make myself eat more. Not for everyone, just like most things. I think it is more healthy then staying over weight.
    Plus all the crap that drops are not real? Most that say it sell or like the shots. Nothing more.

  3. Rk says

    Three women at work are doing this diet. One woman did the shots over the summer and lost the weight she wanted, which was about 15 pounds. She said she wasn’t hungry while taking the injections. After she lost the weight she stopped taking the shots and has still kept the weight off for 6 months now. The other two women just started the drops and both have started losing weight. So far 5 pounds in one week. But, I still need to do research on how safe it is before I start.

  4. Cj says

    I have had extreme problems losing weight due to medications I must take every day.Nothing seems to work. I need help bad.

  5. says

    Would this be safe for someone like me? I’m 55 years old and have two artery stents put in my chest and have diabetes that is controled by Glucophage. I need to loose at least 20 pounds.

  6. Jessica Vivas says

    My husband and I have both started the hcg diet on 4/5/11 and we both take hcg drops that I ordered online. We feel great, we don’t feel hungry, our skin is clearing up, and we have both lost pounds and inches. I have lost 10 lbs (even with my time of the month for the past 4 days) and my husband 9 lbs. We both already live very active, vegetarian lifestyles but like anyone, had kind of hits plateaus in our weight and had work stressors that were affecting our health. We even do crossfit bootcamp classes 3 times a week and were both stalled. The hardest part was my husband withdrawing from sugar for about 3 days and thats it. It has been great so far and we have the confidence and willpower to maintain a healthy way of eating and always adhere to an exercise regimine after we are finished. I think, like most things, everyone is different and different things work for different people.

  7. Jessica Vivas says

    Also, I have referenced and done much research before we started this diet. If you want some more info or want to read the success other people who have done the hcg diet have had (through shots, drops, or pellets), hcgdietinfo.com is a great resource.

  8. Arlene Villalobos says

    hey Jessica what website did you order them from? because ive been meaning to order them but are not sure of a legitimate site because so theres so many controversies and people saying it really contains no HCG.

  9. Arlene Villalobos says

    hey Jessica what website did you order them from? because ive been meaning to order them but are not sure of a legitimate site because so theres so many controversies and people saying it really contains no HCG. Thank You 🙂

  10. Jessica Vivas says

    Well since I prefer a more natural, alternative approach to things, we chose to go with homeopathic drops. I ordered them from rockhealthlabs.com. Very reasonably priced, receive them very quickly. To date my husband and I have lost 26 (him) and 25 (me) pounds. For a great reference on all hcg info, I use the website hcgdietinfo.com, go to forums at the top and you will find all of the blogs. Questions and answers, resources, experiences with hcg, recipes and more. Hope it works well for you!

  11. ARLENE says

    Wow thats awesome! thanks for responding so soon 🙂 What type did you get? do you know if the alcohol or non alcohol drops have more effect? which one? What order did you get,im just scared to get something ineffective. Thanks so much though 🙂

  12. John N says

    I Lost 18 LBS in 20 days on this program. The point isn’t that anybody can loose weight on a 500 calorie diet. The point is you feel great and not deprived. Unlike not using HGC, you feel tired deprived and starved to death. Doesn’t work, hell it’s a miracle.

  13. tessiemae says

    I am 90lbs overweight and I have lost 68lbs already in four months and I feel great. I have so much energy and it really does feel good. I now take daily walks, exercise more, swim and do so many other things I could not before.

  14. DD says

    I’ve done the HCG diet twice. The first time I lost 25 lbs. in 40 days. I cheated and still lost weight. I didn’t do a very good job of changing my eating habits after going off of it and gained half the weight back over the holidays. I started it again Feb. 2010, lost what I gained back and then some. This time I have maintained my weight and have totally changed the way I eat. I did get hungry at times on the diet but it was meal time, your supposed to be hungry at meal time! You don’t pig out. I had my coffee in the morning, mid-morning snack (apple), lunch was veggies and protein, mid-afternoon snack and then my dinner. I feel really good. I plan to go back on the diet again and drop the last 20 pounds. It’s not for everyone and it’s not meant to be a long term thing. Follow the diet, change your eating habits and maintain your weight. It’s all about life style. I don’t eat any carbs except for one cheat day per week. My doctor was pleased with my blood work. It’s got to be better then being over weight, high sugar and high blood pressure! I get so tired of skinny people throwing fits about diet programs when they have NEVER struggled with their weight a day in their life. And then there are those who are heavy and wish they could lose weight but don’t take the steps to do something about it and then they jump on the bandwagon and bash a diet program because God forbid someone gets one up on them and looks better or feels better about themself. Just support people who try to get a handle on their health and weight and not bash them for HOW they do it!!

  15. SO says

    I was wondering if any of you that have lost weight on the hcg diet are vegetarian. If so what type of hcg did you use – drops, homeopathic, injections, etc and also how much weight in what lengthy of time. I’m trying to get an idea of how well the diet would work for me if at all. I have heard there is a vegetarian version of the diet included with most hcg products. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  16. says

    My sister in law is a vegetarian and we ordered from hcgdietlab. There are ways that even vegetarians can be on this diet and be successful with how they do it. The main thing about the HCG diet is the HCG hormone injections. Vegetarians should have no fear about injecting this into their bodies since the hormone is something that is found naturally in the body anyway. The most complaint is going to come from the 500 calorie diet that they are going on in order to spur on the weight loss. The reason is that the person does have to take in 200 grams of protein throughout the day during lunch and dinner.

    Dr. Simeon’s has said that the diet can be arranged for vegetarians to use with little upset to the balance of the diet. For example, instead of eating the meat portion of the diet, the doctor suggests that the person substitute this for half a cup of low fat cottage cheese. They are going to be getting the protein that they need from this as well as they would from the meat, without having to affect their morals and values. It is also stated that to avoid the starchy items that vegetarians can use those items that are made with soy as replacements in the diet that are going to account for the protein factor in the diet as well.

    During the HCG diet when people hit a plateau or if they start gaining weight it is normal for doctor to recommend a steak day in which the person fasts all day and then eats a steak that night. For vegetarians that are experiencing the same problems, they are encouraged to fast all day then eat a soy burger or something along that lines that night to get their protein and to kick the body into losing more weight.

    In addition, doctors point out that the vegetarians that are on the HCG diet are going to want to make sure that they are getting enough vitamin B12 in order to make sure that the metabolism is performing as it should. And since these people are vegetarian, then they are missing out on the natural form of B12, which is from red meats and fish. The doctors recommend that patients take this supplement daily in order to ensure success.

  17. Jessica Vivas says

    Well I am a vegetarian and did a 40 day round and lost 25 pounds. That’s the same that my much larger, meat eating husband did. I had no problems with it and stayed on the Simeon’s protocol and used non-fat cottage cheese and eggs for my protein (seperately of course). And I used Homeopathic Hcg drops from rockhealthlabs.com. I’m not about to inject anything, I’m too scared. But I think this method certainly works and is safe for most people, and if ever need be I would do it again!

  18. SO says

    Thanks for the quick replies to my vegetarian questions. I plan on trying some form of the drops. My anniversary is this weekend. I’m gonna use that for my 2 loading days and start the low cal phase Sunday. I’ll post my progress. Thanks again. By the way I’m a 40 year old female, my current weight before loading days is 208 and hopefully won’t be much more than that after the loading days.

  19. Donna says

    Can anyone please tell me where to get the right drops???? I’d really appreciate it.

  20. says

    Get the drops from a reliable seller. I am a nurse and after alot of research I ordered the drops from hcgdietlab.com and they were very professional and came coldpacked and shipped within 1 day. I lost 36 pounds on the 42 day diet plan and I am still losing. I have about 50 more to go and will start my second round soon. I have two friends who are also nurses and have ordered injections from hcgdietlab. They are having great results as well and the company seems to be a great resource for hcg. Good luck to you

  21. Joanne says

    I am just waiting for my HCG drops to come in. My sister lost 10.5 pounds in one week with the Ketomist spray. She is not hungry and feels great and also has lost more than 10 inches off her body measurements. I can’t wait to start! I am going to do up to 60 days the max allowed on the HCG for one round. Then I will take 6 weeks off as recommended and then start round two until I reach my goal weight. My family doctor is thrilled.

    hcgdietinfo.com is an awesome forum board with tons of information. The diet works! Period! Whether it is shots, spray, homeopathic drops or pellets – it works!

    For Canadians wanting to try this diet go on hcgdietinfo.com and find out what cities in the USA near you have the product and go and get it. Yo-yo diet will be a thing of the past and you will truly lose the bad fat you are not meant to be carrying on your body. Or check for a homeopathic doctor in your area of Canada who is doing the HCG diet. There are plenty out there doing it.

    Fighting the battle of the bulge does not have to be an ongoing thing. Reset your body with HCG and lose the fat, weight, and live healthy afterwards!

  22. Lyssa Sutton says

    What is the brand of HCG drops Dr. Gary Arbuckle sells and uses and how can I get ahold of them?

  23. Jackie says

    HHCG, or homeopathic, work fine. I lost 70 lbs, never hungry. The true test is that when I reached Phase 3 and needed to add food back in and slowly get up to 1500 to 1800 calories a day, i did not gain the weight back and stabilized, which, if the diet only worked because it was so low cal, would not have happened…… I would have gained like crazy.
    Homeopathic drugs work differently and there IS a small amount of HCG in the drop or pellets which create a footprint in the body and your body will make more. I felt great on this diet and all the side effects that bad food, such as sugar and processed foods, had been having on my system was immediately noticeable. If I eat sugar now, I feel badly and notice gas and stomach upset. Processed foods were never my thing, but we all have some from time to time and when I eat any, I feel the effects. The fact is that the crap we all got used to eating, that contributed to the weight gain in the first place, is a major culprit and if you don’t learn to live without it, you will regain the weight. It’s just food….and if you are using it to feed other emotions, fix the core reason and feed your body, and your soul, correctly and get rid of the garbage that does more damage than any of us know. . You will love this diet and the results are quick…go for it!

  24. Joanne says

    Hi Lyssa,

    I ordered my HCG drops through Dr. Arbuckle. A search on the internet will provide you with his site. Just look up Reset The Body on the internet and you will find Dr. Arbuckle’s site. Also if you go to hcgdietinfo.com on the forum there will be many members able to help you with the many reputable companies that do sell HCG.

  25. Bibiana says

    I just learn about HCG diet and I am really exited about it but, can someone tell me if do I need to go to a special clinic to see a Dr. to start this diet or if I just order and start on my own please help me I can do inyeccions or drops wich one is the best and where can I get it.Thank you .

  26. lora says

    I heard of this a few months ago from a friend who lost weight over a few month period and then BAM it is on Dr. OZ show. sign me up now. I have increased 4 sizes in 3 years due to a new relationship, bad choices and NEED to make NOW. OMG. Lord give me the strenght to find positive results

  27. lora says

    I heard of this a few months ago from a friend who lost weight over a few month period and then BAM it is on Dr. OZ show. sign me up now. I have increased 4 sizes in 3 years due to a new relationship, bad choices and NEED to make NOW. OMG. Lord give me the strength to find positive results

  28. carol says

    Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in the UK will supply the real drops or if anyone in the US will ship to the UK

  29. says

    hcgdietlab.com does sell the injections for canada but you will have to mix yourself since the prefilled do expire and you have to wait for customs to release your shipment. Good luck

  30. mv says

    Thank you for sharing all this info. I have some questions I hope some of you can answer.
    What are all these phase 1, 2, 3 I am reading about? is there a book that tells you what to do?
    Has anyone been off the HCG for a year or more and kept most of the weight off?
    Does HCG make you feel hyper or jittery?
    How is your concentration and focus? what about memory? When I’ve done 1200 cals/day diets I can’t concentrate at work and feel lightheaded.
    How is your sleep pattern? any imsonia?
    The diet reminds me a bit of Dr. Atkins diet. High in protein. (I am probably wrong)
    Basically I am petrified of doing the HCG program. But I have to do it on my own because I cannot afford doing a Doctor’s program. I have no insurance to get blood work.
    Who is doing this by themselves?
    thanks you again.

  31. jill says

    There are websites all over the internet with free information on the complete phases. I have been off the diet for one year now and feel great and just eat so much healthier. I used hcgdietlab injections and lost 45 pounds. They have a ton of free information right on their website along with live support and great email support too. I was very skeptical before doing this diet but I feel like an expert now. My sister just ordered from hcgdietlab and they shipped her drops in a cooler which is needed for real hcg. If you are ordering drops and they are not refrigerated then it is not hcg PERIOD!!! Don’t bother wasting your money on the fake stuff, it simply doesn’t work. Buy real hcg from a well known provider. Good luck

  32. Jackie says

    Not sure why people feel the urgency to bash the hhcg….it happens all the time and i guess they have a real need to feel “right” rather than to take people at their word that it does work. I lost the same exact way and would not have been able to stabilize and keep the weight off if the hhcg did not work in the body the same way as the prescription drops or injections. If you don’t understand how homeopathy works, get educated and quit raining on other peoples success. I lost 70 lbs, have no health issues and was able to stabilize while increasing back to a higher caloric intake as required. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this would NOT happen if what i had been doing had not worked. This rabid need for people to INSIST that something (they haven’t tried) does not work is something i just don’t understand. Tens of thousands of success stories laugh in the face of the naysayers….go figure. Try this diet, in whatever form you choose, and find the success that may have eluded you before. Good Luck and happy losing!

  33. Skyler says

    sure didn’t work for me. I used drops for 3 days and by then I was so hungry, I ate everything in sight and gained 4 pounds.

  34. Jackie says

    Skylar, its possible the site or place you got them from was not legit, but if you buy from any of the legit sites listed in the above posts, you’ll be fine. The body goes thru a detox the first few days and you could feel horrible, get headaches, etc., but if you hang in there for the first week, you will notice the suppression of hunger and its true that often times, I was hard pressed to eat even the minimum of 500 calories, and would fall a bit short. Lost sugar cravings and the weight literally dropped off. You will hit stalls on this diet, but keep plugging away and the weight will soon be gone. It’s worked for me and thousands of others, and whichever form you use, stick to it and it will be the best move you ever made to get yourself healthy. Good luck!
    ps. I used the pellets from Platinum Body Performance. and they were great~ MUCH easier and more pleasant tasting than the drops too…

  35. says

    I am on the Hhcg drops and have dropped 10 lbs. in 12 days! I am very happy with this and will continue for the 23 days. My tummy is flattening also which is why I tried this protocol !!

  36. Nancy says

    I have never read anything about HCg suppressing appetite. Had that been the case, many doctors would not supplement the diet with appetite suppressants. HCg works because it allows you to burn fat. The 500 calories a day alone tells you that there’s a reduction in caloric intake and therefore the person would lose the weight. After the body gets used to not needing as many calories the person was used to, then the individual is able to self monitor and eat only the amount that satisfy them versus eating in excess.

    I have been on the Hcg diet and it works. Is it the reduction in calories? I don’t know since when I eat more calories I lose more weight. One of the problems w/ HCg is that if you don’t eat the required calories then you lose muscle mass and that’s quite dangerous. I have gone on a soup only diet and am able to lose weight. Why don’t I continue with that? I need a variety of flavors and food consistency to feel good or more like be happy eating what I will have to eat. Well that plus I notice the weight loss faster with the HCg.

    Is it the appetite suppressants that take away my appetite? Possible. However, when I’m about to get my menses, I still eat more than usual. A little less than when I was not on the diet but it shows that something is preventing the appetite suppresants from working before I start my cycle. From past experience, appetite suppressants alone do not work for me.

    Does this diet regime work for me? Absolutely. I lost 50 pounds on it and plan on losing 50 more pounds. I had my annual physical and all things are fine. My doctor did fine that I was suffering from hypothyriodism and has since given me a prescription that has helped regulate my thyroid level.

    As long as there are no serious side effects, than I’m sticking with it. I am determined and that in itself for me helps me lose the weight. I have a friend who is grossly obese and can’t keep herself from eating because she lacks will power. Mind you, she’s wealthy and can afford the best nutritional food but feels the need to gorge on a daily basis. While I never gorged, I did lack the motivation to exercise. I don’t do much in the way of exercise, but I do dance for a few minutes a day. I’ve lost 4 pants sizes. So I’m sure I will reach my goal with patience, persistence, and God willing.

  37. Lauren says

    My doctor told me about the HCG diet at my last check up. Everything I have heard about the diet sounds amazing. I would love to start the diet next month but I am scared that when I stop the injections I will gain the weight back. After the first round, do you stay on 500 calories a day? Or can you continue to eat high protein low carbs that may result in more than 500 calories. My biggest fear is losing the weight and then gaining back after I stop the diet. If I become pregnant after doing the diet, will I gain my weight back plus baby weight?

  38. Cindy says

    I ordered hcg through rockhealthlabs and am nervous about the quality that I purchased. I am on my 1st day of 500 calories after the 2 load days. I hope this works. I am a single mom and don’t have alot of money to throw into the fake companies. I saw the price difference and this one was affordable. I hope I was right. I will let you know. So far I have a headache but it is bearable. Yes I do feel hungry. I have to stay busy.

  39. Jessica Vivas says

    Don’t be nervous about the quality of drops from rockhealthlabs. My husband and I both used them and lost 25 pounds each the first round. I just started my second round and have lost 10 pounds in 12 days so far and I don’t have a lot to lose, I just want to reveal my muscles more. They work great for a great price!

  40. Cindy says

    Hi Jess and group thank you for the support. I am doing well. Didn’t feel terribly hungry and definately didn’t feel like munching on something just because it went past my face. I am glad for the drops and rockhealthlab’s price. The headache was much better today and from the scale at work and home I have lost 2 lbs so far. I have tried going without really eating alot before and haven’t lost an ounce. I feel so anxious and excited. I have about 25 lbs to lose in total but am looking forward to losing the flat tire in my mid section and seeing the rest of me fit better in my clothes. Can’t afford new ones. LOL. Thank you again Jessica for posting the name of the lab and the encouragement. I will have to keep typing just so i can see the results in black and white and on the scale. So far, so good.

  41. Cindy says

    Well, good morning all and I am beginning to think my scale is broken. I feel lighter but I haven’t lost any inches yet. The scale says I have lost 5 more lbs. Overnight? Really? I am going to have to weigh myself at work. If I have lost 7 lbs why no inches?

  42. Monica says

    Hello, everyone. I am a witness to many in my family whom have lost weight on the HCG diet. My mother has lost 92 lbs. since starting the HCG diet. She started her HCG diet back in February 2011 and I check on her regularly to see if she is ok and where she is at in her weight loss. She was on high blood pressure pills and taking medication for acid reflux disease. Her doctor has taken her off of ALL of her medications and the pain that she once had in her knee is completely gone! She is the smallest that I have ever seen my mother my whole life. I am sooo proud of her. Also, my aunt Kathy (my mom’s younger sister) is the one who recruited my mother into the program. My aunt Kathy is down over 100 lbs! Again, she is the smallest that I have ever seen her although she was not quite as heavy as my mother. I have another 2 aunts and 1 great aunt (all my mom’s sisters and her aunt) whom have each lost 35-40 lbs. each on the HCG diet. Honestly, my mother and my aunt Kathy rarely make a mistake on this diet. They are very serious about their weight loss, while the others are pretty casual in their dieting. The results proves it. Another thing is, there are certain foods in the HCG diet plan that can cause a person to stall in their weight loss. My mother has reported that shrimp, cabbage and tomatoes cause her to stall while only cabbage stalls my great aunt and the others have not noticed any stalls. My aunt Kathy incorporated cardio into the diet on Phase 2 and it completely stalled her weight loss. My mother only does cardio during Phase 3- the maintanence phase. So, please be careful when choosing to workout with this already low-calorie diet. Cardio really is not the best idea with this diet, but maybe try resistance training instead. My mother and aunts hold a support group meeting EVERY Wednesday so, that everyone supports each other, which I believe is a great thing to do. I am starting the HCG diet today to lose my final 40 lbs. Wish me luck!! I have tried several times with this diet and have given up EVERY TIME because I was too hungry. Maybe I’ll stick to it this time! Also, they use spray from bethin4good.com and it comes with Moringa Leaf nutrient powder for some added vitamins for the body while on this diet.

  43. Monica says

    To mv, my mother reported that she had lots of lightheadedness on the first two rounds of doing the HCG diet, but not the third time and now she’s just starting her fourth round on Sunday, August 21, 2011. She also says that she is constipated alot on this diet, while my aunts do not have a problem. My mother’s friend whom started the HCG diet also complains of constipation. My mother says that she just sits down immediately or bend over if she gets lightheaded. I tried this diet several times, the longest was for 9 days and I experienced dizziness for an entire day and that’s when I quit.

  44. Monica says

    To mv, my mother reported that she had lots of lightheadedness on the first two rounds of doing the HCG diet, but not the third time and now she’s just starting her fourth round on Sunday, August 21, 2011. She also says that she is constipated alot on this diet, while my aunts do not have a problem. My mother’s friend whom started the HCG diet also complains of constipation. My mother says that she just sits down immediately or bend over if she gets lightheaded. I tried this diet several times, the longest was for 9 days and I experienced dizziness for an entire day and that’s when I quit. My family does it on their own, but they are apart of a support group for one another. They order their products directly from an individual seller of the HCG diet spray whom also lost over 100 lbs with the spray that she sells. Her name is Anita and she has photos of before and after. My mother and my aunts all meet at Anita’s house every Wednesday as a support group to weigh-in and to just give testimony and talk about how their week was on this diet. They use spray and since everyone does not live in the state of Michigan there has been a website created to order products through Anita and the website is bethin4good.com. Good Luck to you.

  45. Raha says

    is this drops available in east ??? im living in iran and your HCG programe seems wonderful i want to know how can i reach this drops .

  46. Raha says

    i wanted to know if these drops are availabe in east, im living in Iran how can i purchase these

  47. says

    Cindy or Jessica Vivas can you update me of your progree? I am 5’2 and 167lbs moderate active life and need help. I am a little skeptical but would really love feedback from a REAL person not a blog or comment. Thanks

  48. Catherine says

    This diet is definitely all hype. Anyone who drops their daily caloric calories down to 500 per day will lose weight without taking HCG. I know this for a fact. I’ve lost a lot of weight by making a lifestyle change. I went from a size 16 down to a size 2 (197 lbs now 118 lbs). I never skip meals, I eat healthy (most days), have given up sodas and exercise most days of the week. I’m not in the gym. I do something that I love. I traded in my treadmill for salsa dancing.

    Think “lifestyle change” and not “diet.”

  49. Melissa says

    Catherine – The point of the drops isn’t just to help you lose weight. The idea came from pregnant women who do not eat and still having healthy babies…because a pregnant body will feed from the mothers nutrients for the baby. So by using the same hormone (HCG drops) your body will give itself enough nutirients without you actually eating a lot.

  50. Ann Diaz says

    @ Melissa – What makes you think that pregnant women don’t eat???
    And HCG is not proven to aid in weight loss. In this same show “Dr Pieter Cohen said that the weight loss is no surprise when you only consume 500 calories, but that 14 trials were done and all of them found no difference between using HCG Shots and salt water placebo shots.”

  51. Dini says

    Hi, I have been on the HCG diet fo weeks now ans seem to be plateauing. I did not expect that the HSG would help me loose weight as the 500 cal. diet will do that. So, why HCG? It had been reported to maintain elasticity in the skin -at 50 loosing 30+ pounds can leave riddled with wrinkles. This is what I have noted: Yes, I have better skin even though I lost 20lbs. Also, menopausal symptoms have greatly reduced -my hot flashes are gone. They were waking me up several times a night and causing everyone I live with to suffer freezer-burn ;). And, I’m nice again. So what happened when I went off the HCG? Sleepless nights and irritability went to the roof -I could hardly stand myself! If you want to curb your hunger while going on a calorie restrictive diet use fiber (metamusal and such) 1/2 hr before each meal, I found that to work really well.

  52. Amanda says

    I have two kids and through both pregnancies I lost more weight than I gained and I had to force myself to eat a meal a day because I really was not hungry (except for lemons). I think I will try this diet and see if I get the same effect as i did when I was pregnant.

  53. says

    There is no such thing as an FDA approved site. The remarks on websites that say FDA approved are false, just ask the FDA, they will confirm that there is no such thing as an FDA approved website or FDA approved facility. Products themselves are approved by the FDA but not websites and facilities. If you have done your research then you know hcg is not approved for weightloss by the FDA but it has proven to work and there are many sites online that sell real hcg. Homeopathic hcg does not work so don’t be fooled, it is dangerous to go on such a low calorie diet without using real hcg. I have done the injections and shots and lost a total of 90 pounds and very happy with my final results but this was months in the making and alot of studying information. I purchased my drops from bodyforlifehcg.com and had great service. Good luck to you

  54. Jenny says

    Does hcg change you cycle? Is it bad for women who eventually wanna have children? I don’t want to shock my body or confuse it to later result in not being able to have kids.

  55. Alyx says

    It seems to me that anyone on a severly restricted diet of only 500 calories will lose weight, HCG or not.

  56. Eve says

    I have tried this and it does work but the doctor that I used also added an appetite suppressent, and two other supplements. As with these types of diets, it didn’t take long to get the weight back on…

  57. Tina E says

    Everyone here should do themselves a favor and read “The Weight Loss Cure” by Trudeau. It explains in great detail why you do EVERYTHING you do on this diet. He also implements a 30-day pre-diet plan to cleanse your system and reset your metabolism, thyroid, iodine, calcium, etc. Basically, get everything back on track and get you ready for the amazing effects of the HCG. The HCG portion will be so much easier to handle and you will understand more about what you are doing, which helps! I lost 25 pounds in the first 30 days on this pre-plan without the HCG but it is important to keep your structural and reserve fat(needed) in place and only flush the extra, disfiguring, unwanted fat. It is this step that makes you look great, with taut skin and a healthy glow. He writes, “looking as if you never had a weight problem.” If you went on a 500-calorie diet without the HCG you would loose the fat you want and look tired, drawn, sagging, and miserable…starving! It’s a great read, changed my life!

  58. is the hcg diet safe says

    Ӏ like the ѵaluablе info уou provіde in yοur articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right hегe!

    Gοοd lucκ for the next!

  59. Janet SC says

    I have just started the HCG diet, im on day 4, i’ve already lost 8.5 lbs. I dont feel hungy, am sleeping well, waking up with lots of energy, enough that i went jogging and intend to this whole proccess.I’m doing the 500 calorie diet, using the apple, orange or strawberries as a snack between lunch and dinner. I am planning on getting a B12 shot, just to make sure my levels are good. So far i love it, i have friends who did the HCG and have kept the weight off. They absolutely loved it and highly reccomneded it!

  60. Marc says

    first off, HCG drops are in fact productive against burning abnormal fat, not structural fat…most in store or online HCG drops are not effective because they contain alcohol or no HCG at all. When bought from a reliable source and you follow the protocol you should lose weight, I have lost 56 lbs so far and am in Round 2 day 7. I am a distributor for a company that sells HCG as well as many other health products, they are all natural, no alcohol , no artificial color, or fillers. If you read Dr, Simeons Pounds and Inches you will see why the HCG works. As far as why do pregnant women not lose weight, it’s because they are providing nutrition through blood stream for the growing child within.

  61. bri says

    Marc- does the company you work for have a website? I want the hcg drops with real hcg! there are so many sketchy companies on the web now and I don’t want to get ripped off

  62. donald says

    Wiki mentions that during pregnancy elevated levels of hcg can promote cancer. Also that cancer tumors produce hcg. True or not? My girlfriend is doing this diet and Im not so sure I approve. I am worried about the health risks that could follow.

  63. TW says

    I tried to go to hcgdietlab.com and was immediately redirected to hcgdietwarnings.com. On that site there was a link to purchase the drops, and when that link is clicked on, it redirects you to the website bodyforlifehcg.com. That site is blank and has a message saying that it has been disabled. Has anyone else experienced this? Those of you that recommended this website, did this same thing happen to you?

  64. TW says

    Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced websites to purchase the drops from. I’d prefer the ones that are not homeopathic. Thanks!

  65. ROBIN says

    I am hoping someone will answer this……I need to take my injections in the evening because I have such drastic wake up times depending on work. Will this effect my weight loss and should I take it around dinner time or do it before bed?

  66. Kay says

    Be careful with the drops and any extreme diet such as a 500-calorie one in which your doctor is not closely monitoring you. I did the Omnitrition homeopathic drops and when I ended up seeing my doctor because of my racing heart and other side effects, he told me the low-calorie portion of the diet was causing my body to damage my own organs. My blood pressure has also been extremely low and I’ve had a problem with dizziness and feeling like I could pass out at any time. I am still recovering. And to add insult to injury, the weight piled right back on. My metabolism is so slow now.

  67. brandie says

    I orderd 2bottels and still have not recived an email about it and it took my money Plz tell me what’s going or refund my money.thanks

  68. Lyssa says

    I have done the Homeopathic HCG drops multiple times now from 3 different approved companies and have lost barely anything. Was starving the entire time, and felt like crap. I tested all 3 of the drops on pregnancy tests and ketosis strips and they did not show any trace of having anything resembling HCG in the liquid. The drops work as a mental tool. If you BELIEVE you are taking it and it will stop hunger, and only eating 500 calories a day you are going to lose weight regardless of the truth in the liquid. Was a TOTAL scam. Doctors can confirm the homeopathic versions contain literally no HCG in them, and “water memory” doesn’t work like that.

  69. says

    Thank you, I have just been searching for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far. However, what about the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the supply?

  70. says

    Whats up this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually
    code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but
    have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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