Dr Oz: HCG Diet Risks & Dangers: HCG Injections vs HCG Drops


Dr Oz did a segment on the HCG Diet: Weight Loss Miracle or Hype? where many people spoke about their success with the HCG Diet, and then Doctor Oz had the “other side of the coin” state their experiences on the HCG Diet.  I also want to remind everyone who is considering the HCG Diet to read the recap of Dr Oz’s show from earlier this season where he spoke about the risks and dangers of HCG Shots.  I am not saying that I am for or against the HCG Diet, because I have never tried it personally, but if any of you have tried it, please leave a comment below and share your experiences with everyone!

Dr Oz: HCG Diet Side Effects

Dr Oz said that some side effects of the HCG Diet include a loss of your menstrual period, hair loss and mood swings.  Kimberley and Nicole both were on the HCG Dr Oz HCG Diet DangersDiet and stopped after noticing scary things.  Kimberley actually passed out after two weeks and her physician told her to stop the diet immediately.  Nicole said that she started to lose her hair, was cranky all the time and nauseous, plus she found it hard to sustain because she was hungry all the time.

Dr Oz: HCG Diet Causes Cancer

Dr Oz asked Dr Sheri Emma if she thinks there could be a link between Cancer and the HCG Diet.  She said that if someone has a pre-existing cancer that is hormone reactive, then she does not recommend the HCG Diet, but up until now nobody has been able to prove that HCG causes any form of cancer.

Dr Oz: HCG Diet Concerns

Dr Oz asked Dr Pieter Cohen about his concerns about the HCG Diet.  Dr Cohen said that being on such a low calorie diet has serious side effects including Cardiac Arrest and Gall Bladder Disease.  He said that the side effects of the HCG Diet are 10 times more common than the happy stories where HCG worked well for people.  Dr Pieter Cohen believes that there are no active ingredients in the HCG Drops, so it is just the power of suggestion that is helping people to eat smaller amounts of food in that case.


  1. says

    I stand by the HCG drops I have taken. I lost 44lbs in 2 months. I feel great and am keeping the weiight off. I was 226lbs when I started, I am taking a 6 week break and then will lose the other 20lbs I am after. There are some drops out there that are scams, but my source is great and I have other friends that have lost up to 150lbs. It has taught me to eat correctly and it has is a life change eating pattern for me in the end. I feel great and am able to do things I couldnt do before. I have not weighed this little in 30years and I love the new me.

  2. says

    I can hardly believe that there are so many pros and cons.I am on day 12, I am sleeping so good, yes moody, but overall am very impressed with the feeling of wellness I have.Its making me rethink and value food all over again.

  3. Kapu says

    I too have had success on the diet and to echo those above me, it changed my eating habits after i was done. i think about food everyday but in a different way. the best thing I’ve ever done.

  4. ej says

    jeannie liles, please tell us wha brand you use and cheapest place to buy your drops! Thanks so much!

  5. cr says

    I took drops for 40 days lost 36lbs and felt great while taking them. I rarely felt hungry and never had any scary side effects. I used pharmaceutical grade drops and took a liquid nuisance
    Multivitamin. I’ve been off drops for almost 3 weeks and doing great!

  6. Alice Palmateer says

    I went on the hcg diet in Jan. and lost 10 lbs. but my blood pressure went to 70 over 50 and I got afib and never had a heart or blood pressure problem before. Then after a week my heartbeat was regular. I resumed different hcg drops in April and in May got afib again and have had it ever since and am about to have me 3rd cardioversion which hasn’t held for more than 3 days. I blame the afib on the hcg. I wasn’t hungry on the 1st set of drops but was on the second which I bought in a health food store. I am 69.

  7. Christina says

    My friend did the 23 day hcg diet and she lost a lot of weight and feels great! She said she has more energy then ever before and said she found it very hard to even eat her 500 cals a day after the first few days on the diet. She did the drops and I am going to try them as well. A lot of her friends and family have also taken the drops with minimal side effects. They call say they had headaches the first week but that was it. Anyway I plan on doing the 15 day one that they have. Ill let everyone on here know how it went! I think any diet you do can have side effects good or bad.. I fell like i know my body well enough to where if i feel like its bad for me i wont do it anymore.

  8. Ale says

    Hi, I did the dr monitored HCG diet injections once a week for several months. My waist dropped from a 36 to 29 and I am a 45 year old male wh does exercise 5 days a week (cardio and weights).. It’s been months since I stopped and the weight remains off on its own now. Oh I did not do 500 calories a day. I was doing between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. No side effects thank god

  9. amanda says

    i am very interested in doing this diet. i am curious to know where all of you have gotten the online drops from. I watched Dr. Oz’s show he did on HCG and everyone was very skeptical of buying the drops online.

  10. jack says

    I used HCG drops that I bought online. I did the diet twice. Today I am 50 pound lighter – awesome diet. I have to tell you however that this diet is not for everyone. The first time I did it – I was literally starving – I did not adjust the drops well (each body is different). The second time was much easier for me.
    Overall I am pleased with results.

  11. shannon says

    I have been doing the hcg drops for 36 days now under my docs supervision. I have lost 34lbs. I have felt great. No hunger no side effects at all. By blood pressure has lowered to a normal level, i have lots of energy. My hair is longer and healthier than it has ever been as are my finger nails. I have not tried lots of diets but have always eaten a low cal low sugar low fat diet. I have never been able to lose my weight due to the fact that i have pcos (polysystic ovarian syndrome). This is the beat thing i have ever done. I weigh less that i have in ove 15 years.. I have also had 4 back surgeries and high blood pressure before i started. Now my health is getting back on track all thanks to the hcg diet..

  12. John says

    ATTENTION MORONS–If you eat a 500 calorie/day diet for an extended period of time you will lose lots of weight; this has nothing to do with HCG. There’s no evidence these injections work. It’s the “eating less” part that causes people to lose weight. But nobody wants to admit they became a fat slob by eating like a fat slob. Stop wasting your money.

  13. Gail says

    I started HCG injections from a clinic here in town (TN) this year. First round I lost 35 pounds and was never hungry and even exercise 45 minutes per day. For the 6 weeks of off the diet, I ate whatever I wanted but limit my calories to under 2000 calories per day and never gained nothing back. I have just started the second round and already lost 8 pounds in 6 days. I love this stuff!!!

  14. Jordan says

    @ John, I came to this site to get real life testimonials, not for hasty, rude replies. It clearly states at the top “… if any of you HAVE tried it, please leave a comment below and share your experiences with everyone!” Where is your disconnect in those instructions??

  15. John says

    I’d just like to reiterate something from the above recap:

    “Dr Pieter Cohen said that the weight loss is no surprise when you only consume 500 calories, but that 14 trials were done and all of them found no difference between using HCG Shots and salt water placebo shots.”

    These shots don’t work. Eating less does.

  16. Jessica says

    @ John…Very mature of you to call others, Morons because they’re making a decision concerning THEIR health!

  17. laura says

    Obviously you have no one at home to be rude to and this is how you get your attention.
    There is evidence that supports BOTH sides.

  18. says

    HCG is a dietary supplement that helps people loses weight. It’s a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control.

  19. judy waligorski says

    Both my husband and I have been taking the hcg drops and he lost over 70 lbs (from 280) and I lost 35 lbs (from 180). He is 70 and I am 67. I think an important issue is being missed regarding how the hcg works. Ive read over and over that if you eat only 500 calories a day you will lose weight naturally. First, (without using hcg) when you begin on 500 calories a day, you body goes into starvation mode and begins to store fat. This hcg product works on the already stored fat in the body and therefore you lose you weight faster than you would otherwise. We have never felt so good while taking the hcg drops.

  20. dede says

    ok guys, i did the load days (ate boxes of pizza etc) and came to the weight of 222.8 LBs on april 9th, today being april 13th i am 213.4 LBS, i dont know if its the HCG am a very skeptical person and a doubting thomas, time will tell and i will give you guys updates. am a diet queen and have done them all. i am on the drops ( i dont want to name as i want this to be an honest review without endorsing any brand) but i bought them for $49.99. i am planning to take the injections if i can save up the money cause i feel it may be better. i do get hungry but hey its been only 3-4 days maybe it’ll get better. for those that say a 500 calorie diet in dangerous can you ask them how many calories someone who did bariatric surgery consumes? any way good luck to all in this forever weight struggle. thanks

  21. judy says

    I’m not sure, but I heard the shots cost approx 250.00, but I don’t know how many shots you need to take for the weight you want to lose. My husband and I spent approx 225.00 each for the drops – using them from Nov thru Aprill. Any weight loss program is going to cost you money, but this one seems to help you lose the weight faster and because you eat normal foods you learn how to eat proportions.

  22. judy says

    be sure you are drinking the 100 oz of water and what has helped me is that I drink powerade zero when I felt hungry. It is similar to gatorade because it contains electrolytes. If you like gatorade, then try that one. Also, I never limited myself to the 500 calories a day, I ate about 800-900 per day. 1/3 cup eggbeater for breakfast. 1.5 c cottage cheese and 1 c strawberries for lunch. Dinner was 6 oz meat, 1/2 onion, 1/2 red peppers, both stir fried in the PAM, and 2 cups of a main veggie, i.e. brussel sprouts, or cauliflower, or broccoli, or salad.

  23. dede says


    today am 212 lbs.

    by the way thanks judy!!! ur encouragements r great! r we allowed to drink powerade?

  24. judy says

    the instructions suggest Gatorade but I don’t like it, so I found powerade ZERO that is similar to Gatorade and it comes in 4-5 flavors, no calories, no sugar – so I drink this instead of gator ade. Found in Publix, Walmart, PigglyWiggly, Food Lion.

  25. dede says


    today am 211.2 lbs ( 11 pounds in 6 days am still skeptical i’ll be a believer if this continues in the next two weeks)

    i wasnt as hungry. maybe its getting better. crossing my fingers. will check out powerade zero.

  26. dede says

    have you guys heard about DIET RITE i used when i did atkins (lost 60 lbs in 5 mths on atkins). it has no carbs, no sodium, no calories. it’s recom. by the atkins users. it was fantastic. it has zero of everything except great flavor. the other thing is that its made with splenda so i dont know if i can use it with the hcg. help!!!

  27. scjudy says

    I do not drink any kinds of soda, whether it is regular or no-calorie, because they are not good for you. With the hcg that I use, you can have any kind of sugar substitute – it’s your preference, i.e. splenda, sweet & low, — I use Stevia.

  28. says

    I found the HCG diet to be an outstanding success.
    I took the 6 week plan & lost 18 kilos (about 40 pounds)
    I stuck to the diet plan religiously (apart from one night out at a restaurant for a birthday party, but no alcohol or soft drink). I wasn’t hungry for the first 3 weeks but was for the final 3 weeks.
    Side effects I had, strange dreams, poor sleep patterns & constipation, but overall, very impressed with the diet.
    Finished the diet about 5 weeks ago & have kept the weight off (have had to have a ‘steak day’ maybe every 4-5 days to keep my weight around my base weight, but that’s ok) Have had to change my eating habits from prior to the HCG diet (i.e. cut down on carbs, mainly white bread & potatoes) as I don’t want to balloon to my previous weight, if I had to do the diet again I would but it would be the 3 week version.

  29. dede says

    i went to shower and my left knee locked up till now i couldnt take my daughter to school i crawled to bed and am in a lot of pain. is this a symptom? i dont want to call 911 as am naked(from shower) and am hoping it will pass. THE PAIN!!!

  30. Tammy says

    which brand of drops are you guys taking? i have been researching brands for the past 3 weeks and I am scared that I will get scammed! heeeelp me pleease! i need to loose 25lbs by my wedding in June!

  31. dede says

    hi tammy i didnt want to say the brand so as not to endorse any of them but you sound desperate.i am using trans4m drops bought it for $49.99. hope it helps. i will do this diet for 30 days then go to the ckd diet. cause this ones feels restrictive but it will be perfect for you for your wedding. congratulations. this diet seems to be working i update everday to let people know what am going through. you can also try atkins from now till june you should be able to lose more than that and its not as restrictive. i used atkins and lost a lot but hit a plateau so decided to do the hcg diet to kick start. goodluck!!!

  32. John says

    Tammy: here’s how you can tell if you’re getting scammed: are you taking HCG? If the answer is yes, then you’re getting scammed. (Helpful tip: Try eating a high protein, low calorie diet instead.)

  33. Tammy says

    Thank you dede! I will look that brand up! Good luck to you and hang in there. I’m looking forward to seeing your success story.

  34. scjudy says

    I use the hcg ultra diet drops found on the web, and they do offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

  35. dede says


    today am 208.0

    am not as hungry today. i found that if i omit the melba toast or reduce to one apple thereby cutting out some carbs i lose more. well i’ll continue to investigate but so far so good.

    TAMMY the drops has a woman on the bottle.

  36. scjudy says

    Dede, is that hcg? I found a website for total transf4m drops, but it doesn’t mention anything about hcg.

  37. dede says

    hi judy and tammy i just looked again at the bottle. its total trans4m i bought it at overstock.com. its hcg.

  38. says

    I am currently on my second round of the HCG injections and I can say that “it really works”.
    The first time I started at 184 lbs and now I am 165 lbs. I could have lost more however I cheated once and did not keep my appointments on the physio Red bike. But it works for me. This round I am shooting for 150. I’ll keep you posted.

  39. dede says

    Today am 207.6 lbs

    ate cauliflower rice with tomato, do you think that is made me not lose as much?

    Judy do women skip the drops during menstruation? thanks

  40. scjudy says

    DeDe, cauliflower is a veggie you can eat, and so are tomatoes, but I’m not sure what you mean by cauliflower rice — do you mean you had rice with the cauliflower and tomato? Rice is definitely a no-no. I do not have an answer for skipping drops during menstruation, but I do no you should not take the drops if you are pregnant.

  41. scjudy says

    Robin, the shots that you get, are they once a week, or once a month, or daily? And, if you don’t mind me asking how much do they cost approximately? I started the drops in hcg ultra diet drops in November, weighing 182, and today I am 145. At this time, it’s getting to be a struggle to lose a pound a week (my goal is to get to 135). I’ve decided to stop the drops for one month, and then go back on them again.

  42. dede says

    thanks judy. cauliflower rice is when you substitute rice with cauliflower. you get the cauliflower and grate in a food processor then you take it and microwave dry ( no water) for 5 minutes or less depending on how powerful your microwave is. when it comes out its just like rice it only has a very faint taste of cauliflower. you may not even know the difference. i learned it when i was doing atkins. its a rice substitute. its so filling and helps me not to miss rice as much.

  43. scjudy says

    dede, oh ok. I call them mashed potatoes when I prepare my cauliflower like that. Yes, that’s okay to eat on this plan.

  44. dede says

    UPDATE: today am 206.6 LBS

    am on my TOM but will continue to take the drops and see what happens and let you guys know. i’ll be the experiment (LOL). i think the weight loss slowed down a bit hopefully its water retention from TOM.

    judy have you been able to keep the weight off? does the stabilization period work? i have done starvation diets before without hcg and lost about 3-4 lbs a week but i was fainting and very weak so i think there may something to this diet but will continue to investigate. i just wish it wasnt so restrictive but i will keep my eyes on the prize. thank goodness the diet will soon end and in phase 3 i can go to 1500 calories with fats. i want eggs so bad.

  45. scjudy says

    dede, I just started the stabilization period on 4/17 and I actually lost 1 lb – down to 145. I do not feel that I am starving myself. I love the menu choice with the hcg product I’m on — I weight everything I eat and I have been eating approximately 900 to 1200 calories per day. I eat egg beaters every day and with my spices they are delicious. It is good that you got off that diet that was making you faint. I stayed on the hcg for about 4 months before I decided to start the stabilization period. I;ve learned a lot about eating the right foods being on the hcg. I eat a variety of cooked fresh veggies, and shrimp, steak, chicken. I make my own applesauce for dessert made with stevia and vanilla. That’s the only sweet thing I eat. I have popcorn at the movies – although good for me, I eat too much, then have a 2 day setback. I have a 50th class reunion coming up in July and I hope to be approx 138 lbs by then.

  46. dede says

    OMG judy u r doing so great. i have been overweight all my life with my highest being 290 Lbs and i started atkins which saved my life. i was pre hypertension, pre diabetic, i have done all the ‘good ways’ to lose weight i.e watching what i eat and exercise and saw my weight go up and up but atkins saved my life until i hit a plateau. with a small child i cant afford to die from being overweight.

    so far the HCG is working but i dont know what to eat half the time. judy could you please give one or two recipes that is hcg friendly.

    the day i get under 200 lbs i.e 199lbs i think i may go crazy with happiness. i havent seen that in 20 yrs.

  47. dede says

    UPDATE: today am 205.8 lbs. gained 0.4 lbs i was very hungry yesterday and ate the two apples ( i usually eat one because of carbs) and put coffee creamer in my coffee (maybe that’s the problem). if i gain more tommorow morning i will do the apple day.

  48. MoJo says

    Hi Dede, the apple day works so hang in there. You can even cook up apples with water, stevia, cinnamon and make an apple sauce and eat that for the day.My favourite recipe is bolognaise. I fry extra lean mince in a little water. Then I make a bolognaise sauce with 2 tomatoes (soak in boiling water to remove skins) and cook in a little water with lots of spices, garlic, herbs and then put the mince in there and mix it up. Also a chicken and cabbage soup – I use powdered chicken stock and herbs, etc, or an asian type soup with chicken, ginger, soy and have that with magic noodles.

  49. dede says

    UPDATE: today AM 199.0 LBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Gina says

    I started the hcg shots in November of 2011. Within the first couple of days I felt very sick with abdominal pain,extreme fatigue and mood swings. After my first week I went back for my weigh in…. I thought for sure I lost several pounds but no it was only two pounds. I explained to the PA how I felt she said it was normal and gave me my shots for another week. By my seventh day I was a mess but still continued with hopes of some relief in the near future. So about my 10th day I began my normal menstrual cycle and this is when I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life! While taking a shower I had really bad cramps and followed by a flood of clots, larger then the size of my palm. I obviously stopped the shots and went to seethe PA and informed her. With little concern she said stop the shots gave me a free b12 injection and advised me to drink plenty of water and I should be back to normal in a week. No more then a month later I had been still experiencing fatigue and leg cramps. December 21 I began to have a strange pressure on my chest my lower limbs felt like I was caring sand bags. Luckily I went to the ER. Of course their first impression is I’m must be having anxiety, due to my age (I’m 32 hrs old at that time). Okay to make a long story short after a EKG and other lab test they determined I was having pulmonary embolism. Since then if I’ve been forced on disability taking Coumadin for blood thinning, have seen countless specialist who all agree the HCG was the number one cause to my illness! I was advised that my recovery time may take as long as two years and all for a quick fix to loss two lbs.. Trust me it’s not worth it!!!!!!

  51. scjudy says

    Gina, I am sorry to hear of the problems you experienced with the HCG SHOTS. I believe the shots are much different than the drops. Both my husband and I have been on the drops from Nov-March and we lost a total of 110 lbs together (70 for him; and 40 for me). We both felt great, never hungry, and always full of energy. We are in the 67-70 age group. I’ve read several articles in which they do not recommend the HCG shots if you are of child bearing age. Not sure that’s the key but we also knew of a few people on the shots (in their 50s) and they are losing weight. I does seem like there is a group of individuals who do not do well on hcg.

  52. scjudy says

    Also, Gina, wanted to add: thank you for posting your experience, it is good to knew about what happened in your case.

  53. Lina pounds says

    I started my HCG at 226 lb, initially started on the pill while my injections were arriving, on the pill I felt great, no hunger at all and full of energy, when I started my injections (10 days later) I felt a bit different ( lightly lightheaded, occasional mild headaches, muscle weakness, and yes mild hair loss, also sometimes felt almost dizzy) pretty much as it was described by one of the members when I started, I love this diet and wish I could continue for more than 40 days, but have to take a break, will definitely do another round of HCG, I have lost 28 lb and feeling much lighter although feeling some muscle weakness which is normal with this diet. I have never tried the HCG drops, but from my experience I was feeling and loosing much better on the pill then on injection, next round will be definitely a pill!!! Good luck :)))

  54. Courtney says

    I have not done the HCG diet but was curious and have been reading into it. I agree that the calories is way too low. I am doing an elimination diet right now and having the same results as the HCG diet. I have eliminated dairy, soy, peanuts, processed foods,, and meat from my diet. Basically anything that can be an allergy issue and that your body has difficulty processing. I feel wonderful, eat yummy foods that are filling, and have a completely new outlook on food.

  55. Marion Steindorff says

    I have been so successful using hcg drops. If you follow the diet strictly and do not cheat you will lose weight! I lost 30 pounds a year and a half ago and have kept it off. I get my drops from. Myhcgsource.com

  56. scjudy says

    I lost 43 lbs since Nov 2011. Now a size 6-8 from size 16. My husband lost 90 lbs since that time. He is down from 44’s to 34’s. We’ve had several family members go on it also, and they too lost weight. We followed the instructions as far as the food list, but not calories. We ate about 800-900 cal per day instead of the 500. We also went a little off course on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. but immediately went back to the plan. We have all “GOOD” things to say about how this product helped us lose our weight, and especially given us back our energy, and our health. (I am 67, my husband 71.)

  57. barbie says

    Hi i did the hcg diet and before i started the diet i used to weigh 230 lbs after finishing im at 146 and im very happy for my new body the brand i used is hcg diet direct

  58. scjudy says

    barbie, how long did it take you to lose the weight. (It took me and my husband about 6 mos.) Congratulations, I know that you must feel wonderful, and look fabulous. my brand was hcgultradietdrops.

  59. Melanie says

    Hello all, here is my “skinny” with HCG…prior to starting you need to have your blood levels drawn! Especially for peri / menopausal or post..women you are usually estrogen dominant…no diet or supplement will effectively KEEP the weight off. Also VERY IMPORTANT…check your thyroid levels…the full tests. TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3 & 4, and antibodies… Unfortunately hypothyroidism also negatively affects our weight…and is associated with menopausal symptoms. Until ALL (hormone and thyroid levels) are within normal ranges, the weight will not come off. I also have seen success with THE SEVENTEEN DAY DIET as a follow up to the short round of HCG. Be safe and much success!

  60. says

    Hi, I am doing my forth session with HCG the first time was with Chiro HCG it was amazing not only did I lose the weight but it was all in the right places, neck, upper arms, thighs and butt I did notice my heart rate was up I only did it for 5 weeks not the recommended 6 and kept 75% of the wt off for 6 months, then I did it a second time and after two weeks ended up with a urinary tract infection and my potassium level went down to 2.4 normal is 3.5 to 5.4 usually varies but within those parameters. I called the same chiropractor to start again and he stated that chiro HCG was no longer being sold at first they said it was FDA approved but I guess it wasn’t still holding the original 75% wt loss. In February of 2012 I bought The ultimateHCG and lost 12lbs in 10-12 days but was very hungry, I am a nurse and very active also was very tired ended up with another urinary tract infection and heart racing again went to the doctors got a ekg and blood work my thyroid level was up and a lot of bacteria in my urine. So I stopped again after two weeks and still at the 75% mark, but, I have to continue to watch what I eat and John is right I weigh what I weigh because I eat what I eat. Anyway HCG is a good jump start and this will probably be my last encounter with It. I need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and have had my thyroid medicine decreased after two weeks I am going to increase my caloric intake and take potassium supplements as well as biotin for my hair and b12 hopefully for energy I am hoping this time will bring me back to my original wt. I gained 40 pounds 6yrs ago went back to school for nursing and could not exercise or diet due to stress and after graduating the job is very stressful and can’t eat till 8pm when i get home work 4-12hour days a week no time to exercise and my good eating habits went out the window so for the past two years with the help of hcg I am slowly regaining my original wt back, some draw backs but am finding you need to drink lots of water, take supplements listen to body, and it is the things we eat or don’t eat that makes us look the way we look.

  61. Robin Cansler says

    My husband Jason died from this diet. He was 35 and no illness. He took the shots and was doing “so well” and had a massive heart attack and died. This drug wasn’t approved by the FDA for weight loss. It was approved for infertility. Doctors and clinics glamorize the weight loss “side effect” of these shots. However, once it is approved by the FDA, it can be administered legally for anything. 35 YEARS OLD!!! Massive heart attack without illness or issues previously!! If you continue to stay on this diet and do not heed the warnings of others, then my suggestion is get your life insurance policies and financial accounts in order because your family is going to need them.

  62. Amanda says

    My friends and I did this diet. All of us had great results. The 3rd and 4th days were the hardest, I was very tired, felt confused. I think this was due to sugar/carb withdrawals. But after getting pass those days I felt more energized, was able to sleep through the night. And averaged a lose of 1lb a day. After being off the diet for one month a noticed a small pea sized lump in my breast. So I had my first mammogram at the age of 32. The mammogram showed that I have 2 tumors, both are not cancerous though. So now Im starting to wonder if the Hcg had anything to do with this, or that it is just a coincidence. Anyone heard of this being a side effect?

  63. Kim says

    I was on the HCG shots, it started out pretty good, i lost 30 pounds never had any side affects or any weird symptoms of any kind, then one night i started having severe sharp pains a few hours went by and the pain was getting much worse. Ended up going to the Emergency room, they did a ultra sound and i ended up having to have emergency surgery. So i beg you people, yes it helps you lose the weight but the thought that i could have died from this makes me want to let everybody know my story. This stuff is dangerous … Please stay away from this drug..

  64. toni says

    I started the hcg diet and in 4 days I lost 9 lbs I saw the difference in my waistline and stomach and I wasn’t hungry and felt better more relaxed and slept well I’m excited to see the rest of my weight come off. Losing weight that has been tough to lose after having children is great and it worked on my stubborn area the stomach since I have PCOS which makes it more difficult to lose weight even on glucophage. I know I can finally pull off the rest of this weight and maintain it.

  65. Denise says

    I have been taking the drops for four Weeks lost 14pounds.it has interfered in my menstrual cycle .it stopped has anyone else that has taken the drops have this experiene?

  66. Static says

    Been on this for 10 days and down 12 pounds. I hit a stop in the loss. Lost the 12 lbs. the first 6 days. I get to a point where I can actually smell pizza, burgers and almost taste the chips. I go to Zumba 3times a week. I have given uo a lot to do this. I miss my martinis and wine, my ethnic foods, and the crunch of chips and salsa. Iprior to this diet, I was eating correctly for months. But I really wanted to jump start the weight loss. I think it’s hard to alter your life so much all at once, but I’m still trying to get past the wall, because I want to go down another 25 lbs. I started off with hcg ultra whic is purer than homeopathic. It allows 800 cal. Then got talked into a product, omni, which Is homeopathic, and allows only 500 cal. At least with omni, I have the vitamins and they do work for me. But I am so confused at times, I’m taking one product, then I take the other, in screwed up on the calorie intake by changing back and forth. I want to continue the program, but OMG I get hungry for the foods I SOMETIMES crave. Please help with advice, or an opinion.

  67. Emily says

    I bought the 15 day drops at Xymogen. I have bought their products for years. They are all natural. Good products.

  68. Lala says

    @ John. Obviously the low caloric intake is the reason you loose the weight. But try doing that without having an appetite surpressent helping you out. I’m currently on a 1300 calorie a day diet and I still feel hungry. If you don’t know what 500 calories are, let me enlighten you. 1/2 turkey sandwitch and a cup of low fat soup is 500 calories. Imagine that all day!!! Learn how to be more respectful of people’s needs, and as your mother should have taught you. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  69. SCJudy says

    Here is my story and what I learned about how HCG works:

    I am a retired woman, age 67 and 5’2” and in November 2011 I weighed 183 lbs. I was feeling awful and napped a lot. I knew I needed to lose weight but after exercising on my treadmill for 1 hr per day 5x a week, my weight wouldn’t budge. I found out I was burning the wrong calories.
    I didn’t want to try over the counter diet pills, nor did I want to waste my money on JG or NS. So I began to research “diets” on the Internet. That’s how I found out about HCG. And, after reading about how it works, this is what caught my attention. I knew I had stored body fat, and I knew that the less I ate, my body would go into starvation mode because the body draws upon this fat when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands. (The body is unable to draw on abnormal fat (fixed deposits of fats throughout the body that cause obesity) in emergencies. The use of the HCG hormone releases abnormal fat deposits and makes the fat available for consumption by the body. I’m now at 138 lbs, and any monies I invested in this product for myself have been well worth it. I’ve learned to eat healthy foods as recommended in the HCG plan and to stay away from useless carbs. I know HCG is not for everyone, but to those I suggested they try it, they too have lost weight nor have they had any complaints about it: my husband lost 90 lbs; my son-in-law, his parents; two sisters in law, two brothers in law, two nieces.

  70. Tos says

    I started the HCG diet 3 weeks ago with Metabolic Research i lost 13lbs so far I start having having upper right adomenal pain, went to the doctor had an ultrasound performed and the results came back as Fatty Liver Infiltration Hepatocellular disease… Stored Fat in My Live!!! Now I didnt sign up for an illness in exchange for 13lbs!!!

  71. says

    I am 61 years old and will be starting the HCG ultra diet drops in a couple of days. I have high blood pressure & cholesterol. I want to know if anyone has had negative effects with HCG while also having these medical issues. I weigh 250 lbs and want to lose 80 lbs.

  72. SCJudy says

    Marsha, I am the 67 year old female in the post above (SCjudy). I also have high blood pressure, but being on cholestral meds, my cholestral is okay. In a week I will be having new blood work done (it will be my 2nd blood work since being hcg ultra diet drops). I’ve had no negative effects to date while on the hcg I was using (hcgultradietdrops.com). Nor did my husband, who is 71 years old and he lost 90 lbs since last Nov. and he is keeping it off. I have sleep apnea and I’m trying to lose more weight to see if I can get off the cpap machine. I’ve lost 47 so far – from 182 to 135. I know the hcg may not be for everyone, but for both me and my husband and several relatives and friends, this product worked. We began seeing our weight loss within the first 3 days. That’s what kept us sticking with the plan.

  73. says

    This is my second round and it is much better then the first one, I`m more educated on this diet and have to tell that injections are working better in my case then drops and sublinguals, one thing i have learned is that you have to stick with it and not cheat, I had a big party on the weekend and it was about my 7th day of VLCD, I cheated, I had a big steak and some potatoes, I was sick after that for days and learned my lesson, but for everyone to know: I have ordered my injections from EscrowRefills.com, looks like its the easiest pharmacy to order from with great customer service, much cheaper and yes those come from India, I have tested medication with pregnancy test to confirm that it is HCG ( look it up on U-tube- HCG test), this is my second time I order form them and if you afraid to do injection you can always do subling. drops from it, to order you would need Invitation code to enter which is: ID: CID295311 and you will get $30 off the first order which is pretty good … well again just wanted share for those who is looking where to buy the injections or sublinguals sense I had a hard time myself finding the descent pharmacy… Good luck everyone 🙂

  74. May says

    Hello, today I have read through all of your posts – thank you for your testimonials. I was on the Dr. Bernstein diet a year ago and had absolutely AMAZING results and have continued to live by the lean proteins, fresh veggies and the right amount of fruit. HOWEVER, I cannot loose the last 20 lbs so I decided to try HCG injections.

    Here is my questions….. On Dr. Bernstein i was eating, I want to say 1000 cal, approx a day, with Vitamin B12 and B6 injections as well as a multivitamin and potassium…. As I was in Ketosis throughout the program I also know I was burning fat…. just came to a plateau and wanted to try something else.

    WHY am I being told on the HCG injections that I am not to take any vitamins, no exercise, no breakfast…. I am not overly hungry, but very light headed… Can I go back to taking my B12 and B6 injections?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

  75. Beth says

    Hi all! I too was very skeptical of this diet. Sounded too good to be true. But after many friends used it and lost weight, I decided to give it a try. I have exercised for years and thought I was eating healthy. I kept on putting on pounds. Not terribly overweight but frustrated with the exercise and my diet. I decided to give the HCG diet a chance. It is available through my bioidentical hormone doctor thru a person trained on it. I take injections for six days, skip the 7th, then six on again. I am on the 500 cal. diet. I also get 4 egg whites in the morning and before bed. Two 3.5 ounce servings of protein a day, two fruits, and lots of vegetable. They prefer fresh so that you get more nutrients. I am on day ten and lost 7 lbs. The first three you gorge on anything and everything, I gained 4 in three days. So I have really lost 3 lbs total. I just went in and I lost mostly fat, tiny bit of muscle.I can take all my vitamins and I get a B12 shot every two weeks from my hormone doctor.I can’t exercise at the moment because it would (I think burn muscle??) I can do core strengthening exercises and yoga( not power yoga). I have learned that although I thought I ate healthy I am a carb junkie. Loved all the sugar fruits and veggies, who knew green beans were 10 times more calories than broccolli? Stevia is the sweetener I was told to use. I also can have diet rite, fat free milk (counting the calories), so not much. The only fruits are oranges, apples, strawberries, and grapefruit. I rest are too high in sugar. I can have tomatos but limit them. He says tomatos, especially with onions, are bad for women. (We turn them into fat, apparently). He also says not to mix the vegetables. (not really sure why) When I get to the point where I have lost the fat he wants, then I need to build more muscle thru weight training. Muscle is the best way to burn calories. I have average muscle mass right now, but he wants it above average. He also recommended an app called fitness builder, on it are tons of exercises, with pictures. I am doing the bridge exercises at the moment. Then when I can do weights he will tell me which one to use. Just thought I would let you know how my program works. I read all the comments. Sometimes the ones that have complications with any diet program or surgery, are very overweight and already at risk for these complications. Or worse, the health problems that go along with being overweight.
    I don’t know but I am willing to try this diet. Apparently when I am done you start adding in foods, exercise. We are also supposed to go for low glycemic index foods. There is a book called ?? The Glycemic Index , red and green colored. I don’t have it yet , because I have a specific list and can’t vary. Hope this helps answer questions. I am so sorry for all of the ones that had devastating side effects or died. Hugs!

  76. Sarah says

    I have been taking the injections once a day for 6 days for the past three weeks. So far I am only down 10 pounds but have lost inches. I have been following the diet plan exactly as I should but have been a little disapointed that I have not lost more. The other bad thing is that I have had a period for the last two weeks. I started the injections the week after my cycle and after the first week of injections started again. It has not been a heavy flow but enough to make me VERY unhappy. Anyone else having the same problem???

  77. pam sanders says

    I have been taking HCG for about four months now and I went to the doctor for a pap and he said I have a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit. Do you think HCG has been feeding this tumor?

  78. Karen says

    First if all you EAT 500 calories but the hormone causes your body to eat 1200-1500 calories from your fat so therefore your body gets 2000 calories a day! Because of this there is no flabby skin n need for surgeries afterwards. I personally know people who have had great success n it cleanses many organs n makes you healthier. In fact one person lost over 100 pounds in a year n he is extremely healthy. The problem is drs n govt don’t want to approve this diet because people on it w success end up off blood pressure meds cholestoral meds etc n the govt will go bankrupt. So pharmaceuticals n govt work together to keep us sick. This is why so many years ago one had to go overseas for this diet. Do your research people. And though I love dr Oz he is a dr in the eye of the public n govt watches him closely. Bottom line is do your own research. No one has ever died from it. A rash yes as the body is ridding of toxins. But death no. Only one possible death but he had liver disease to start with as well as other heavy medical problems so they could not say it was hcg. People have used it since 1950’s.

  79. Jenae says

    I have had great success with the drops, I got mine from intermountain.com, I had a slight headache for about a week but it went away.I was told the headaches might be from the body detoxing but I don’t know. I was also light headed but that is understandable since I am only consuming 500 calories a day. I was able to still lose weight eating a little more than 500 calories a day and I have to say I am very happy with the results.

  80. Charmaine Robinson says

    I am doing this ‘programme’ through a homeopathic centre. I have a coach who I am in contact with daily and who advises me. Day two of the 500calorie stage, I experienced headache and nausea- a quick text to my coach who advised me and i took the homeopathic pills which did the trick and fast! I am very impressed and encourage others to undertake a ‘programme’ with a reputable company who know how to monitor your progress and care for your health

  81. Ashley K says

    John and all others who think HCG is a scam – here’s the deal… you are absolutely right when you say it’s the low calorie diet that’s making you lose weight. Duh! The deal is most humans, including me, have a tough time sticking to a low calorie diet, much less a VLCD, without a great deal of hunger related side effects (hunger pains, headaches, irritability, loss of focus… etc). What the HCG seems to be able to do in most people, including me, is eliminate those hunger side effects so people can stick to the diet. Bingo. It is eating less that’s doing the trick but HCG helps the process become more manageable and sustainable. You may be one of those amazing folks who stick to a healthy, low calorie diet and exercise all the time. Bravo! Good for you!! For many, that’s a harder life style to achieve after years of bad habits and programming. If HCG helps people comply with your prescription of “diet and exercise” why be so judgmental?

    For all others on this post, I took HCG drops for 3 weeks and lost 10 pounds… and cheated quite a bit because it was during the holidays. Had some wine, cheese, crackers… enjoyed myself without overdoing it and still lost because most days I was sticking to around a 500 – 1,000 calorie a day diet. The main side effect I’ve experienced is irregular periods. If you search for this you’ll find more information on this being a common side effect. I’ve been off the drops for a week and will start back up in a couple of months once I get my periods regulated again. My husband has been taking the drops for 1 month and has lost 15 pounds. He, too, cheated during the holidays. I’m a big advocate for HCG drops, but like John states, it’s the diet that’s the catalyst. The drops have helped me make the diet bearable.

  82. Angela says

    When a friend of mine told me that she was going to try the HCG injections, I told her I thought she was crazy. She told me that she too was skeptical at first but after seeing for herself, 7 of her friends and co-workers go on the the diet with great success, it was a no brainer for her. I wished her luck and and thought to myself, this I have to see. After checking in with her about a week and a half into her injections, she said it was hard but knew it would be but was sticking to it. The only side effect she has had thus far was headaches and was told that was from her body detoxing and would go away in about another week which they did. Since my friend lives out of town, the next time I saw her was 6 weeks later and my jaw dropped to the ground. SHE LOOKED GREAT, and I jumped on board!

    I was started at 158 lbs and after using the injections for 40 days I was down to 135 lbs, I’m sure I could have lost more if I didn’t cheat a little here and there but I blame it on the fact that I’m 100% Italian and need my pasta and bread at times but for the most part I stuck to the plan. I have been off the diet for over 6 months and even though I eat whatever I want now, I haven’t gain any weight back, not even during the holidays! Worked for me and very happy with my results. Good luck!

  83. Janet says

    Hello everyone. Started the HCG injections yesterday from a clinic. Day two of loading which totally freaks me out but they say I must…..eeeeks!

    I have 3 questions if anyone has an answer.

    1 Is “loading” really necssary? Anyone had great success without it?

    2: I’m starting my period in a few days, I really hate to get off since I just started taking the drops. Any of you continued on INJECTIONS on your period and if so, what was the result?

    3. Exercise. I just got into a workout routine and now I’m told I can’t. Is this true from your experiences?

    Any answers would be helpful. Thanks!

  84. Heather says

    Karen from Oct 20 2012
    I totally agree and it took a lot of reading posts to find someone who really did their research. If you intend to use hcg and be on the program then do your research. Read the reports written by Dr Simmions and look at the facts. You can even look into the physiology of it and the biology of your body. Educate yourself. Also get the proper blood tests to see where your levels are as suggested above. I used hcg and lost 50 lbs was doing so good and then had an accident and being on steroids and other meds and not being able to get around have ended up gaining back. I look forward to being off meds and able to begin hcg again. When on hcg I felt well all the time. I slept my anxiety and depression was gone I had a sense of well being. I have tried to do hcg on while on my meds but have had no success. I can only assume its the meds interacting with the hormone. I will be off meds for almost a month and plan to start hcg again. Also the quality of hcg used is very important. I believe if the FDA really was “concerned” for our well being the would regulate the product dispensed and make sure we’re getting real hcg quality. There are so many pharmaceutical rx out there that kill people everyday to treat all forms of illness caused by all the junk we consume. I feel its time for us to do for ourselves the research and educate ourselves about what we put in our bodies. Just my oppion.

  85. Michelle says

    Do you think the HCG injections vs HVG drops is quite the difference to side effects? It sounds like the injections are more dangerous? I was on the drops and lost 22 pounds. Haven’t noticed any side effects.

  86. Aseey says

    I’m glad to find this forum to share my HCG diet experience, that may help others too. I am writing from the small Kingdom of Bahrain (next to Saudi Arabia), I suffer from hypothyroid, hypertension and diabetes.

    The HCG diet is being practiced here through only one Doctor who is officially licensed to deliver the HCG program in coordination with his counterparts in the US. In fact I was very skeptical about the whole idea, until I saw the success rate in this Arab region, following which I did intensive research, spoke to various doctors etc.

    Finally 4 weeks ago I committed to the program, using HCG injections (that are prepared in advance by the clinic and 7 injections handed over every week- in ice as they must remain cool). I took my blood test reports (cholesterol, sugar, thyroid etc. etc.) and went fully prepared to the doctor. As he was honest about the controversies, benefits, draw backs etc, I took the decision to start the program closely monitored by him through my weekly progress meetings. I am happy to say that in 4 weeks I have lost almost 8 kg (about 17 1/2 pounds) and feel good. It must be noted, that I became diabetic 2 years ago taking insulin injections and after the first week of the diet, I stopped taking insulin as my sugar levels are good. My blood pressure is normal and my medication is reduced from 6 tablets to only 1 tablet a day. My period came as normal during the 2nd week (but was a bit longer by 2 days).

    Considering the overall problems, this program is working well for me. After completely the 10 weeks of the program I will need to repeat it once more to get to my optimal weight.

    For me its been a success so far!

  87. amber says

    My mother and I both tried the HCG shots and diet. I lost 60 lb going from a size 14 to 6. I was extremely happy…… However 6 months later I developed a tumor in my ovary and had to have 2 painful surgeries and was told I may not be able to have children. I did not link this to the shots at the time. A month after I had my surgery, my mom had the same symptoms. She was then diagnosed with the same tumor and had to have surgery as well. I will NEVER take or recommend these shots…. risking your life isnt worth losing weight fast.

  88. Joe says

    I used the HCG drops from a clinic in Georgia. I lost 30 lbs in 30 days. The stabilization diet went for 3 weeks and the maintenance diet for 4. Since then (three months) I have not followed any dietary rules at all. I have gained 3 lbs. As far as not being able to live on a 500 calorie a day diet – I would say this is true IF- if one planned on doing it for the rest of your life. I did it for 30 days. I know people who have fasted completely – only water – for 40 days. On previous diets I lost muscle mass and inches everywhere but my waste. As soon as I ended whatever conventional diets I tried -the weight I lost went right back on. On HCG i lost it everywhere – but mostly on my waist. Previously with a conventional diet and exercise (4 times a week at the gym doing cardio and weights) I lost very little off of my waist. I had no other side effects.

  89. Anne Meyer says

    I have a friend who lost 65 lbs in 2 months on the HCG diet – she looked great. On month 3, August 2012, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the ripe old age of 38 and died last week. Did the diet cause her cancer and her death? Maybe not. But know one will ever convince me that her body’s immune system wasn’t severly compromised on 500 calories a day for a long time. Further, on the day or 2 she was allowed to eat anything she wanted, she ate everything full of bad carbs before starving herself again. Her cancer doctor said her nutritional health was a “train wreck” AND she had developed diabetes. Before you start any diet, you might want to consider getting enough calories and nutrition to maintian a healthy immune system to fight off illness – unless getting thin is worth dying for.

  90. Ann says

    The first questions I asked after learning about the diet are the 2 questions I see many other asking: How much does it cost, and where can I get it? The doctor where I live charges $1050: $525 up front for the cost of the blood tests and injections (which I would give myself). After that, $100 a week for 6 weeks, in which the dr. tells me what food to introduce into my diet and weekly B12 shots. Is this price reasonable? Is it really worth the exta $525 to be told what to eat?

  91. Kay says

    I developed a breast lump and am being treated for anemia as a result of the hCG drops. I’m still undergoing tests for the lump and don’t have any answers yet. We do know the lump wasn’t there before the diet. I am anemic but had been tested the week I started the diet and my numbers were good. One month later after really heavy bleeding (the heaviest I can ever remember), they are giving me an iron infusion. It was that serious and depleted all my iron. That was a first. To be fair, none of my doctors believe it was hCG because under ingredients, the amount of the hCG is 3x,6x,12x,30x,60x which I found out meant that you could basically fill something like a bathtub, put in one drop of hCG and that would be this measurement. Clearly, there is either something else in those drops affecting me or it was the very low calories. I suspect it was the very low calories. After talking to so many people now, I really believe all drops are a fraud. They are just a very expensive placebo. I don’t know anything about the injections so couldn’t comment on those. After my experience though, no more products with hCG. I just need to get healthy again.

  92. lost on hcg says

    hi kay where did you buy your drops?. sorry about your lump hope its benign.

  93. Kay says

    They were the Omnitrition version of the drops. Yes, the lump was benign. When I spoke with the FDA, they don’t believe there is any real hCG in the drops. They may have other stuff hidden in there but no real hCG. The doctors agree that the crash diet portion (500 calories a day) messed up my cycle which in turn caused a lump to form in my breast. I just finished a series of five infusions to put iron back in my body. The 500-calorie portion of the diet is just not safe. All the health professionals I’ve had to see agree that this isn’t pulling 2,000 calories from your fat stores like they tell you. This takes from muscle and causes damage to your internal organs over time. If you ever do a 500-calorie diet, only do it if recommended by your physician and, of course, only while being closely monitored by them. Take it from me, it is easy to miss the serious signs of side effects until it is too late.

  94. lost on hcg/dede says

    hi kay thanks. am glad the lump was beningn. i actually lost about 40lbs in about 45 days and looked great as i had lost incehes. i let myself go and gained back weight so am trying to do another one but the drops i used last year doesnt contain hcg anymore but mostly alcohol so it didnt work. am the person above named ‘dede’. hopefully iw ill lose again if i can just find the right drops. good luck to you. i will post here as i did last year.

    hi is judy still here?.

  95. Blanca Cardiel says

    I’m on day 8. I’m hungry all the time, severe headaches, when I exercise I feel like fainting even tho I eat what I’ve been told by the hcg people to eat 800 calories instead of 500. After a week the drops taste even more disgusting. I’m moody all the time.

  96. Kay says

    Just an update. I did the Omnitrition version of this diet (the drops that really contain no hCG). I’ve recovered from all the side effects and my heart seems to be good again. Even eating only about 1400 to 1500 calories after this diet, all the weight plus some came back. I’ve gotten back to my original weight before this diet but my clothes don’t fit. I clearly lost muscle and gained fat. I’m doing some strength training now and still watching what I eat. My metabolism is still slow but I am hoping with the strength training, I’ll return to normal. Talked to so many people now who got fat following this diet and, no, they didn’t return to bad habits. When your metabolism is this slow, you can eat very little and get fat despite the myth of following protocol. Again, though, my experience was with drops and they don’t even contain real hCG.

  97. Yvonne Ramirez says

    I am 45 years old 5’4″ & was weighing 172 lbs. i was trying to diet & exercize for a year achieving only a yoyo effect. I went on HCG under the Supervision of my Primary Dr. for 40 days. The Diet was almost identical to the Simeon Diet but I was also taking supplements like 5HTP, Vitamin D, L Carnitine & GTF Chromium. In addition I was taking 1/2 of Phentermine 1x a day. I successfully dropped and have kept 24 pounds for the last 8 months.

  98. sap says

    I have second thoughts about taking the hcg after reading some of the negative side effects im 46 i do have fibroids and a cyst on my uterus but my gyn says its not serious but will monitor it. I am over weight 185 5’2 and it seems like nothing i do works i did see great results with a few friends though but is wondering if i should do the hcg drops and not have to worry about my cyst or fibroids anyone has any suggestions over all good health thanks

  99. Terry hlad says

    I have lost 34 lbs on HCG drops in 3 mths.i feel awesome, I am not hungry most of the time..I eat grilled chicken salad and apples a lot with lemon juice n I love it..I look forward to my meals..I am not a water drinker but I try for the gallon every day…my hair is growing, my nails and my eyelashes! My skin is softer…I fit into all my clothes in my closet…I have not felt this good for 10 yrs. I am a breast cancer survivor…not hormone positive….and have finally lost my chemo weight..I am very happy with the results….

  100. Heidi Epstein says

    I have used the HCG drops with B12 and have had nothing but success. When following the recommended program my husband and myself both lost the weight. I lost 30 lbs and 29 inches in 35 days. Hubby lost 23 lbs and 15 inches in 28 days. We followed the maintenance plan and are keeping it off. The recipes we followed were exceptional, my husband even started cooking and shopping, which was a added benefit for me. We used a liquid vitamin and fiber/probiotic along with the drops. I am planning another round before the holidays to finish my weight loss goals. I will be happy to share with anyone interested in the products I used. I did not buy mine in any stores. Everyone I know has had 100% success and the company even has a 24/7 support site for their customers that is outstanding.

  101. Heidi Epstein says

    If interested in knowing the products I used message me on Face Book I strongly recommend them. Dede contact me I know I can help 🙂

  102. Audrey says

    I am just starting the drops. I did not get any clear instructions. the bottle said take 1ml (approx. 20 drops) twice per day. But as I measured it out that would be almost the entire bottle. I am taking 1 drop twice per day. This is my day 3. Didn’t weigh myself at the start, but I did notice that I wasn’t very hungry yesterday. Is there a website I can find the recommended foods, etc. ?

  103. says

    I am doing HCG drops from a company calle OMNITRITION, you do need to know a distributor it or to obtain them, an the come with a great online support group.. I have had great success, along with 5 other people I know personally. All together we are down 100 lbs. this company’s drops do contain HOMEOPATHIC HCG, where most other product don’t contain the HCG at all. The drops are also much safer than the injection because the dose is just enough to keep the fat sells open. the drops allow you to burn abnormally stored fat and not sacrifice muscle mass. If we didn’t have the drops and cutout calories that low, we would stop looking weight after a couple weeks and would become sick. The drops cause us to release stored fat into our blood and recycle them and use it as energy. Naysayers have not done the research.

  104. Debbie says

    I used HCG drops with great success in Fall of 2012. I was extremely happy with the results. I gained some weight again by 2013 and had just started the HCG diet when I found a lump in my breast. Three weeks later I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive lobular carcinoma. I’ve often wondered since then if my cancer, which is hormone reactive, is a result of taking hormone weight loss drops. While there is no way to really know at this point, I can only say it’s probably smarter to change your eating habits and exercise in a lifestyle change than it is to force your body into thinking it’s pregnant when it is not. You aren’t learning to change your lifestyle by doing this, and IF it indeed caused my cancer, I can say it certainly wasn’t worth the trade off. Incidentally, chemotherapy is a great way to lose a lot of weight, too. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it. The side effects suck. Hope my testimony helps others. Good luck!

  105. Kay says

    I was alerted to your comment Debbie. I took the drops too and found a lump in my breast! Somebody from the company tried to tell me it was because I lost weight and it was ‘more noticeable’ but by that time I had had to stop the diet due to the awful side effects and the weight was already coming back on. That wasn’t it at all. Fortunately, my lump ended up being fine but I am far more cautious now. The belief is that because the very-low-calorie diet (which is dangerous when not done under a doctor’s care) changed my cycle, that that in turn caused changes to my breasts which can happen. Other women have said this happened to them too. I’ll be having mammograms regularly now because I really don’t trust what this did to my body. My side effects were so awful, I would never recommend this diet to anybody. I am so sorry for all you are going through and I hope you are indeed are able to get rid of this cancer completely!

  106. Dr. Lu says

    To be clear, there are NO rigorous (ie properly performed) studies, certainly not in peer-reviewed journals, confining any benefit of Hcg for weight loss. People lose weight because they stick to the diet, which is severely restrictive in terms of calories. Once again, businesses have capitalized on learned desires and lack of education to make millions. The drops are no better than saline. As with every other non-dietary, non exertional (exercise) in history, people will soon learn over time that it does not work. Indeed, the company does not even provide a mechanism for its action when prodded (how it works). Please have some sense and do some proper research before wasting your money, and more importantly TIME (when you can be out burning calories the only way possible…increase in heart rate, namely via exercise).
    Sad to see that there is even a debate about this, strictly due to advertising and anecdotal experiences which do not attribute weight loss to the proper factors.

  107. dede says

    This is the only diet and belive me I have tried them all. Losing 20lbs on this diet is equivulent to losing 60 lbs on any other diiet. Every week when I was on the diet I was going down sizes. When I lose 5lbs for example I would be down 2sizes. No other diiet can do that. When I lost 20lbs I had hanging skin proving that it does take from stored fat..there are risk in every diet but there is a bigger risk in being obese. If you weigh over 500lbs for eaxmple would go through an evasive surgery where you can die during or after surgery from infection or surgical mistakes. After Gastric bypass you eat less than 500 calories after the surgery so why do people say that it is not good to eat low calorie. With the hcg at least the calories you need are being taken from stored fat. People claim death but they should check what really killed these people, it may they had undiagnosed medical problems. There are More death from gastric bypass than hcg. Of course you can do low calorie and lose your weight in 5years and if you are obese and at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure etc this is not an optiion. Yes you can regain weight. If you don’t control your eating but I have also regained weight with atkins, weight watchers, low calorie etc. It has nothing to do with the diet it has to do with what and how much you have been consuming foir you to regain. If you’ve never done this diet you will never know what a miracle it is. Yes its hard but then good thiings are hard. I am still holding strong and will restart the diet again and have ordered some injections this time around as the drops I used before are noiw useless as the company does not put real hcg in them. I wish everyone luck in this weight loss battle.

  108. dede says

    This is the only diet and belive me I have tried them all. Losing 20lbs on this diet is equivulent to losing 60 lbs on any other diiet. Every week when I was on the diet I was going down sizes. When I lose 5lbs for example I would be down 2sizes. No other diiet can do that. When I lost 20lbs I had hanging skin proving that it does take from stored fat..there are risk in every diet but there is a bigger risk in being obese. If you weigh over 500lbs for eaxmple would go through an evasive surgery where you can die during or after surgery from infection or surgical mistakes. After Gastric bypass you eat less than 500 calories after the surgery so why do people say that it is not good to eat low calorie. With the hcg at least the calories you need are being taken from stored fat. People claim death but they should check what really killed these people, it may they had undiagnosed medical problems. There are More death from gastric bypass than hcg. Of course you can do low calorie and lose your weight in 5years and if you are obese and at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure etc this is not an optiion. Yes you can regain weight. If you don’t control your eating but I have also regained weight with atkins, weight watchers, low calorie etc. It has nothing to do with the diet it has to do with what and how much you have been consuming foir you to regain. If you’ve never done this diet you will never know what a miracle it is. Yes its hard but then good thiings are hard. I am still holding strong and will restart the diet again and have ordered some injections this time around as the drops I used before are noiw useless as the company does not put real hcg in them. I wish everyone luck in this weight loss battle and hope we win with any method we choose.

  109. lora says

    I’m about to start the drops Monday& am now terrified of getting lumps, tumors, cancer per some of the comments above. Ughhh

  110. Cherri says

    Hi everyone, I have been on the HCG shots, taken daily and vitamin B12 shots once per week. I know beyond a doubt this product works wonders. No it isn’t the 500 cal per day regime; been doing that for 25 yrs. HCG actually attacks fat that has been stored for years. After your 2 load days you are eliminating it 3 to 5 times a day in your stool, the yellow thickened mucus you see (sorry to be so descriptive). I also drink Psyllium Husk with organic apple cider vinegar and organic lemon juice 2x a day. I have noticed if I steer away from the recommended proteins, fruits & vegetables or cream in my coffee and drink under 64oz of water I am stalled or gain a couple pounds back. I hop right back on track and start losing again. While I was in the stabilization period I kept using the 2/2/2 Psyllium, vinegar,lemon juice regime and continued to lose; as long as I didn’t veer off and eat the obviously wrong foods. I started out at 256lbs. and started my second round.I am down to 229lbs and hoping to be at or under 200lbs this round. I am taking it slow and steady, am under Dr. supervision (he suggested this or gastric bypass), have had PCOS my entire life and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I was desperate. Anyone who knows about PCOS understands this disease is wicked and unrelenting. I am 5’2″ tall and should weigh in the 120 – 130 range. Even though I know I won’t be able to afford the shots after this round, at least I have a sense of understanding what foods to eat, what supplements help, Psyllium Husk (for life), benefits of apple cider vinegar and the importance of keeping your health despite it all. As a friendly suggestion to anyone reading this, be careful of GMOs in food, read labels and don’t listen to people who have NEVER walked in your shoes. For some of us it is more than overeating. For me it was what was in the foods (GMOs) and not being diagnosed properly. Doctors knew very little about PCOS in the 70’s,80’s & 90’s and now I have to deal with the consequences myself after the fact. I am ….. happy….. 🙂

  111. Amber says

    I have just started myself. I, too, have PCOS and after not seeing my cycle for two years started cycling on day 3 of the VLCD. I also walk daily (to not overdo it and will training for my first 5K). I am trusting God for my health and healing. Having PCOS makes it diificult to lose weight but I would rather have a lower calorie intake than be dependent on Metformin and BC to regulate. All it does it treat..it doesn’t answer the problem. Watch what my God does!

  112. Mrs L. says

    I’m thinking of starting on the drops, but I’ve been reading SO many different things about them until I’m totally unsure. I’m close to 300 pounds and have POS. However I have a cycle every month. At times my cycle has been overly active and I stayed on for weeks at a time. Not having one has never been an issue. The friend of mine that says the Omni diet/drops she’s doing do not suggest 500 calories a day, but 2000. She’s been on it for about 3 months and says her MD has even approved her to do it. I think what I’m afraid of the most is the hair loss factor, because that would devastate me. I take ALOT of pride in the health and condition of my hair! So confused as to whether to try this or not.

  113. Pink lady says

    Hi, I have a few friends that started the HCG diet (injections, one per day) a few months ago. They are both extremely, satisfied thus far. I started my 2 day loading on Sat. and today is my 1st day of the actual diet. I will consume 800 cal per day. I am 6’1, 264lbs as of today. My goal is to get down to 225- 220. Wish me luck and I will keep everyone posted.

  114. Ellen says

    I went through the HCG program three times with the homeopathic drops. 1 1/2 years later I was diagnosed with estrogen receptive breast cancer. I have met other women diagnosed with breast cancer that have done the drops as well. And I found this…
    Women with stories, questioning whether the HCG drops had something to do with their breast cancer. Yes, the drops worked on me. I lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks. The drops worked, but at what cost? http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-08-24/features/chi-breast-cancer-and-hcg-diet-20110824_1_hcg-diet-tumor-size-recurrence
    I’m not the only one questioning the link be hcg and breast cancer. Be careful. The drops mimic a woman during pregnancy. It could have unwanted side effects with serious repercussions. I would not recommend these drops to anyone. Cut back on carbs and go to the gym. A much safer alternative, albeit slower.

  115. Dick Wood says

    The HCG diet is the most effective weight loss program I have discovered. However, I recommend the following: 1) consult with an MD expert on the diet and have him monitor your blood count and chemistry; 2) there is no need to consume just 500 calories, ~1200 is about the right amount; 3) to keep the weight you lose off you will have to PERMANENTLY change your eating habits (sugar is out and carbs should be limited). Note: I am a man, and given HCG involves hormones, I am in no position to know how the diet works for women. My instinct is it may be more effective for men, but that is just my instinct (because the hormone is so foreign to men). Good luck everybody.

  116. William says

    I did the HCG shots. I ate a 1000 calories a day and drunk 100 oz of water a day. The only exercise I did was walking that I have to do for my job. I lost 100 lbs in 3 months. I’m going to try the HGC shots to see how it works cause I need to lose some more weight and need a cheaper alternative then the shots.

  117. Lee says

    I did the HCG diet for 53 days in early 2011. I lost 25 lbs. About a week after I finished day 53, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through months of treatment. I have been in remission for 4 years but it could have gone either way. Was it from the HCG diet? No way to know for sure. Is it worth the risk? I think not. There is no quick fix. Just eat a healthy balanced diet and get lots of exercise. It’s the best way.

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