Dr Oz Health Calendar: List of Best Time to Do Things

Doctor Oz gave an Ultimate Heath Calendar so that we know when is the best time to do a variety of things.  When is the best time of the day to eat spicy food?  What time of day should you take allergy medicine or asthma medication?  What is the best day of the week to eat out?  What is the best day of the week to fill a prescription?  And what is the best time of the year to see a dermatologist?  Dr Oz answered all of these questions, and you might just be shocked at the answers (some of them truly stumped me!).  Best Time To Do Things

Best Time of Day to Eat Spicy Food:

If you eat spicy food at noon, it can help you to fight off a nap.  The spiciness often comes along with capsaicin, which stimulates your body, wakes you up and keeps you alert.

Best Time of Day to Take Allergy Medicine or Asthma Medication:

6 AM in the morning is the best time of the day to take asthma medication, because asthma attacks most commonly occur in the morning.  Therefore, taking the medicine early in the day will help to control inflammation.  My question though is does this apply to all allergy medications?  Or just asthma medications?  If you know (or have a guess), please leave a comment below!  I always take my allergy medicine at night so that it does not make me drowsy, but perhaps I should change!

Best Day of the Week to Eat Out:

Dr Oz said that fresh food is delivered usually on Tuesdays, so you will get the freshest food if you eat this night.

Best Day of the Week to Fill a Prescription:

Dr Oz said that Monday’s are the busiest day at the pharmacy, but I could have sworn it was Saturday!  The quietest day of the week at the pharmacy is Thursday, so Thursdays are the best day of the week to fill a prescription.

Best Month for a Dermatologist Appointment:

Doctor Oz said that one of the most important healthy and body checkups we need is a full body scan from a Dermatologist.  The best month to see a Dermatologist for a full body scan is February, when  your skin is pale and there is not a lot of sun damage from the summer.

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