Dr Oz: Health Drinks: Does Beer or Wine Have More Calories?


Dr Oz played a game called “Drench the Doc” to teach us about healthy drinks, because many Americans get 1/5 of their daily calories from beverages.  So choosing the right drinks can boost your metabolism and even protect you against cancer.  Doctor Oz had two ladies from his audience answer four questions, and they got a ball for each question they answered correctly.  At the very end, the ladies had the opportunity to throw the balls at a target, which would release a balloon full of water on top of Dr Oz’s head. Dr Oz Healthy Drinks

Orange Juice Has Twice the Calories of Tomato Juice

Dr Oz asked if it is true or false that orange juice has twice the calories of tomato juice.  This is true!  Dr Oz said that there are 80 calories in 12 ounces of tomato juice, compared to 160 calories in the same amount of orange juice.  Plus, the pulp and fiber in the tomato juice helps to control blood pressure.

Does Beer or Wine Have More Calories?

Dr Oz asked what has more calories: wine or beer?  The correct answer is beer.  12 ounces of wine has up to 280 calories, whereas light beer contains 113 calories.  Dr Oz said even regular beer has less calories than wine.  However, wine does have some added health benefits that beer does not have.

Does Skim Milk Have Less Calcium Than Whole Milk?

Dr Oz said this is false.  Skim milk has the same amount of vitamin D, calcium and protein as whole milk, but skim milk has lower amounts of fat and calories.  Dr Oz said that if you do not like the taste of skim milk, slowly change from whole milk to 2% to 1% to skim.

Does White Tea or Black Tea Have More Cancer Preventing Properties?

Dr Oz said that white tea has more cancer preventing properties than black tea.  White Tea contains more antioxidants because it is less processed than black tea, so white tea is better for fighting off cancer!


  1. Beth Nelson says

    Want the info re/ saffron, rosemary and soaking feet in chopped oranges and warm water for my patient–Nov.8, 2010

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