Dr Oz: Health Hazards Hidden In Your Home


Dr Oz: Could Your House Be Making Your Family Sick?

Dr Oz sent out Peter Delucia, a home expert, to the home of one of Dr Oz’s Fans to find out what hazards many people have in their own homes.  Mr. Delucia found things such as mold in the refrigerator door and more mold in the front loading washing machine.  He found things that you may have in your home as well, so this is a definite must-read that should be passed on to everyone you know!

Dr Oz: Appliance Hazards

If you have a front loading washing machine or a refrigerator—which most of us do—at home, you may be putting your family members at risk.  Peter Delucia, a home expert, ventured out to the home of one of Dr Oz’s Fans and what he found was quite disturbing.  The front loading washing machine contained mold inside the door.  This is due to the area constantly being warm and moist.  To get rid of the mold, wash a bleach load at least once a week.  You should also pull back and wipe the gaskets of the machine on a regular basis.  Also, be sure the lint trap is cleaned before each use.

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