Dr Oz: Health Myths: Wet Hair Makes You Sick, Cracking Knuckles & More

By on November 10, 2011

Dr Oz’s Most Explosive Health Myths Ever

Dr Oz went coast-to-coast to find out which health myths you believe.  Dr Oz answered such myths as “Can you go blind from sleeping in socks” and “Does smoking make you shorter?”  (Both answers are no, btw!) 

Dr Oz: Medical Myths

A few other myths that were asked and answered included, “Will you get sick if you go out in the rain during your period?” and “Can walking barefoot on marble floors cause varicose veins?” Both answers were no.

Does Chicken Soup Cure Colds?

Angie, an audience member, told Dr Oz that her mom made it for her when she was sick and now she makes it for her children.  Angie believed that the sodium in the chicken broth helped replenish lost liquids.  Is this true or is it a myth?

Answer: True Dr Oz Health Myths

Dr Oz performed a demonstration with a glass beaker and an egg.  The beaker was labeled “body,” and egg was labeled “chicken soup.”  Dr Oz lit a small piece of paper and placed the lit paper inside the beaker.  He then placed the egg on top and the beaker where it fell into the “body” (the beaker) and was “absorbed” by the body.  Dr Oz says that the chicken soup works with your immune system to get the “fire” or inflammation out of the body.  Side note: You can also inhale the soup to help cure a cold.

Can Wet Hair Make You Sick?

2. Wet hair— You’re more susceptible to getting a cold if you go out with wet hair – Truth or Myth?

Answer: Myth

Dr Oz had Tracey and Doreen, two audience members, come to the stage.  Tracey had wet hair and believed that this was the truth because her mom told her.  Doreen had dry hair and didn’t believe it.

To demonstrate, Dr Oz gave Tracey and Doreen a long, white strand.  Tracey’s strand was labeled “Germs on Wet Hair” and Doreen’s strand was labeled, “Germs on Dry Hair.”  On count of three, they had to dunk their strand into the beakers labeled “Immune System” to see which strand would absorb the liquid faster.  As they dunked, it was apparent that both strands absorbed the liquid equally.  In other words, there is no truth to this Old Wives Tale.

Dr Oz did note that it was easier to catch a cold in the winter air.  To demonstrate this point, he had two dolls in two separate aquariums.  One aquarium was labeled “Winter” and the other aquarium was labeled “Summer.”  Dr Oz removed the top to the “Winter” aquarium and dropped in a tinfoil that was labeled “Germs.”  It immediately sank to the bottom and fell on top of the doll.  Dr Oz dropped in another tinfoil piece into the “Summer” aquarium. This one floated in the air for several seconds before dropping to the bottom.  This showed that the germs in the air in the summertime floated about to give you time to move away whereas, in the winter, you come in contact with the germs much quicker.

Dr Oz: Green Mucus Infection Sign?

3. Green Mucus Is A Sign Of An Infection – Truth or Myth?

Answer: Truth

Keisha, an audience member, believed this was true, as did most of the audience members.  (Smart audience today.)

To demonstrate, Dr Oz used two tall cylinders that were labeled “Nasal Passages.”  Dr Oz had two short beakers filled with liquid next to the cylinders labeled “Invaders.”  Dr Oz poured the liquid (invaders) from the beakers into the tall cylinders and they both overflowed, however, in one, the liquid became green.  Dr Oz explained that the iron cells within the mucus began to oxidize.  This happens when mucus has been in your nose for too long.  When mucus has been in your nose too long, it indicates that you’ve been sick for some time and it has turned into something more than a cold, such as the flu or even bronchitis.

Is a Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than A Human’s Mouth?

4. A Dog’s Mouth Is Cleaner Than A Humans?  Truth or Myth?

Answer: Myth

For this one, Dr Oz brought up Janine, an audience member, and Simon (a dog and I guess another audience member too?)  Janine believed it was true that dogs had cleaner mouths than humans.  Janine and her family always kissed the dog on the mouth and they never got sick.  (I think I’m about to be sick right now.)

Dr Oz had Janine’s mouth swabbed and had Simon’s mouth swabbed.  He sent the swabs to a lab for the results, which came back, stating that Simon had the yuckier mouth.  A dog’s mouth is not cleaner and here’s why: while dogs have many more germs than humans, the dog germs are not as dangerous to us.  If a dog bites you, you won’t get as hurt than if a human bites you.  (How would that classify Edward Cullen?)

Dr Oz: Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis?

5. Cracking Knuckles Is Bad For You – Truth or Myth?

Answer: Myth

Sherry, an audience member, liked to crack her knuckles and did it twice a day.  She gave Dr Oz a demonstration on stage.  (Did anyone else cringe?)

For this demonstration, Dr Oz used four canisters that represented the 4 fingers.  Dr Oz says that when you crack your fingers, you create air pockets and those air pockets build up.  Sherry took the lid off of the canisters and released the gas.  Dr Oz placed a flame over each canister.  Several seconds later, the first 2 canisters shot off like a rocket, and then in a few more seconds, the last 2 canisters shot off like rockets.  While it looked dramatic, if you looked closely, the outside of the canisters (the fingers) were completely unharmed.  In other words, cracking knuckles is okay and does not give you arthritis or make your knuckles bigger, so crack away!

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  1. Rhonda Green says:

    My husband and I are in an Argument. Please tell us whether it is Fact or Fiction, If you run around on the cold floors in the winter time bare footed, You will catch a cold, or you will become sick. I tell him that I read some where it was false , He swears that it’s true. Please Help.

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