Dr Oz: Healthiest Way To Cook Spinach, Turkey & Brown Rice & Beans

Dr Oz: Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 Program

Dr Oz did a segment on the healthiest way to cook spinach, turkey and brown rice with Kristin Kirkpatrick, from the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 Program.  Do you know the best way to prepare healthy foods so that you get the most nutrients out of them?  Doctor Oz has spoken about the healthiest ways to cook foods before, but in this segment he honed in on spinach, brown rice and beans, and turkey.  Kirkpatrick also said that it is important to think about steaming vs boiling vegetables, because you never want to boil broccoli for example because it removes all of their nutrients.

Dr Oz: Turkey Burgers & Chili Peppers

Doctor Oz’s first guest, Marina, said that she loves to make turkey burgers for her family instead of beef burgers, but what is the healthiest turkey burger Dr Oz Healthiest Way To Cook Spinachrecipe?  Kristin Kirkpatrick said that if you add some hot chili peppers to your turkey burgers, the capsaicin gives it some zip and fight against fat and inflammation.  You also get the added benefit of extra flavor.  Dr Oz said you could also try Tabasco Sauce or jalapenos.

Dr Oz: Healthiest Way To Cook Spinach

Dr Oz’s second guest, Diane, asked if it is healthier to eat spinach cooked or raw spinach in a salad?  Kirkpatrick said a large study showed that steaming spinach gets more antioxidants out of the vegetable so that your body can absorb it.  Spinach is high in iron, but plant based sources of iron require vitamin c along with them in order for your body to absorb the most iron.  So try eating mandarin oranges or lemons with your spinach.  Doctor Oz said that he loves to cook spinach with garlic and then he lets it stand for about 10 minutes to maximize the benefits such as lowering your risk of heart disease.

Dr Oz: Brown Rice & Black Beans

Dr Oz’s final guest, Shelly, asked how to get the most nutritional value out of brown rice?  Kristin Kirkpatrick said that you should add black beans to your brown rice, because together, they form a complete protein and give you all of the 9 Essential Amino Acids.  Great tip, especially for vegetarians!

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