Dr Oz: Healthy Bedtime Snacks: Milk & Bananas Help Fall Asleep


Dr Oz’s Slumber Party included a segment called Healthy Bedtime Snacks.  Doctor Oz’s guest who played the Healthy Bedtime Snack game said that their favorite snacks are ice cream and peanut butter with chocolate – neither of which really qualify as a healthy snack!

Dr Oz: Milk Helps You Fall Asleep

Dr Oz asked which bedtime snack is better for helping you to fall asleep: milk or a glass of red wine?  The answer is that milk helps you to fall asleep because it has a Dr Oz Bedtime Snacksprotein in it that induces sleep and helps amino acids to reach your brain.  Red wine helps you to fall asleep, but you might notice that you wake-up more often in the middle of the night if you drink red wine.

Dr Oz: Bananas Help You Fall Asleep

Dr Oz asked which bedtime snack is better for helping you to fall asleep: banana or grapefruit?  I was hoping he would say grapefruit, because I am definitely in the mood to eat one right now!  But the answer is that bananas help you to fall asleep, because they are full of potassium and magnesium which help to relax your muscles, which in turn helps you to relax and fall asleep.



  1. kristina says

    So I cannot figure out what happened to the bowl of popcorn and what looked like chocolate pudding that was on dr oz’s tray one moment and never spoken of and replaced by the milk and the red wine glasses. I had to watch my dvr a few times just to be sure i didn’t miss something. Weird I thought especially when dr oz handed out popcorn makers to the contestants, but I watched until the end and saw the parmesan popcorn recipe in the in case you missed it section. Does anyone know what happened or am I the only one that noticed the mistake?

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