Dr. Oz: Healthy Chicken Parmesan Recipe with Devin Alexander


Doctor Oz had Devin Alexander, author of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!: Over 150 Ridiculously Easy Recipes for the Super Busy, on his show to teach us how to cook a delicious, low calorie, healthy chicken parm recipe!  You will save 762 calories, compared to regular Chicken Parmesan… Devin Alexander’s Chicken Parmesan recipe is only 456 calories per serving!  Here are more great, low fat and low calorie recipes.

Devin Alexander’s Low Calorie Healthy Chicken Parm Recipe:

– Buttermilk
– Chicken Breast
– Fat-Free, Seasoned Croutons
– Olive Oil Sprayer (Devin Alexander’s secret weapon)
– Tomato Sauce
– Low Fat Cheese


  1. says

    Hi, It’s Chef Devin Alexander. Actually, one serving of my version is only 228 calories. The 456 calories was for BOTH pieces on the plate on the show – we wanted to compare the same amount of chicken. So if you’re eating a 4 ounce chicken breast, which is recommended, you’re saving close to 1,000 calories over snagging take-out!
    Thanks to all for watching! Is Dr. Oz not the GREATEST?!?!??! And the really cool thing is that he truly practices what he preaches: all of the back stage snacks were healthy!!!!!
    Happy Cooking (& Eating!)

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