Dr. Oz: Healthy Finances- 3 Step Plan for Personal Finance Health


Doctor Oz knows that withe the recession, our tough economy, and high levels of unemployment, a lot of us have financial worries and stress from financial problems, which is surely hurting our physical health!  Dr. Oz brought Carmen Wong Ulrich, author of Generation Debt: Take Control of Your Money–A How-to Guide, on his show to help us learn how to cut down on our bills and reduce our stress over our finances.

Dr. Oz said that two of the biggest sources of stress in our lives (which definitely hurt our health) are uncertainty about our futures and our financial insecurity.  Carmen Wong Ulrich’s list of 3 things to manage our bills that are piling up will hopefully help us to sleep better at night!

Dr. Oz & Carmen Wong Ulrich’s 3 Step Financial Health Plan

1.  Cut the Excess & Trim the Fat

– Spend less on your utilities to help cut back your bills.  By using less electricity, water and gas, your bills will go down.  You can try simple things to save hundreds of dollars like decreasing the amount of time you watch television, turning off your computer, and taking fast showers.


  1. Taxes says

    I just have to ask one question…did Doctor Oz become a doctor just because his last name was oz?! I just have to think that he did. I mean, I know a dentist with the last name mohler and I think the same thing about him. Oh and by the way, I really like your unemployment advice. I think that whether you havea job or not (but especially if you are jobless) you should keep up your health and exercise because that helps you emotional health.

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