Dr Oz: Healthy Gut Diet: 3 Essential Foods for a Healthy Gut


Doctor Oz did a segment on 3 essential foods that we must eat to have a healthy gut.  With all of the stress in my life and my tummy problems, I will definitely be adding some ginger to my diet (I already eat tons of probiotics and fiber!).  Healthy Gut Diet

3 Essential Foods for a Healthy Gut:

1.  What fruit helps to relieve constipation?  Pears!  Pears have a lot of fiber to help soften up stool and to aid in you pushing out the stool.  Pears also have sorbitol, which helps to attract water and keep your stool softer.


  1. Shannon says

    Love your essays on the shows.
    Had to giggle at this one though “healthy guy” I know you meant “healthy gut” but it still made me LOL

  2. says

    Thanks Shannon! So glad that you are enjoying my site 🙂 … haha and thanks for letting me know about the typo… spell check doesn’t work for things like that 🙂

  3. Michele says

    Some fruit gives me gas. Is there A supplement or something I can take to prevent this?

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