Dr. Oz: Healthy Winter Skin Tips- What’s Helpful or Harmful


Doctor Oz discussed how to protect our skin during the cold winter months by playing a game called “Helpful or Harmful.”  Lets see how much you know about protecting your skin during the cold weather!

Dr. Oz’s Winter Skin Tips Game: Helpful or Harmful

1.  What kind of moisturizer should you use? Water based or rich oil based?

ANSWER: Rich oil based moisturizers are the best for cold weather seasons!

2.  Is chocolate helpful or harmful with respect to keeping your skin moisturized?

ANSWER: Chocolate is helpful! Dark Chocolate is of course the best option!

3.  Will a cleanser with a deodorant in it keep your skin moisturized the best?

ANSWER: Nope! You should always use a fragrance free cleanser.

4.  Is white wine helpful or harmful towards your skin in the winter?

ANSWER: Harmful!


  1. says

    I’m glad to know #2 as I’m having skin problems and I thought that eating chocolates contribute in my getting of acne often as I love chocolate 🙂 Glad to know that it rather helps than contribute.

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