Dr Oz: Heart Age: Is Your Heart Aging Faster Than It Should?


Dr Oz: Aging Heart Signs

For this segment, Jean, an audience member, joined Dr Oz.  Dr Oz asked Jean what she did to help keep her heart healthy and she stated that she exercised to help keep her heart rate up, recently lost 30 lbs, and took fish oil.

Dr Oz asked Jean to run up the steps and back as fast as she could.  The last thing Dr Oz told her was to not fall and Jean came dangerously close to eating tile a few times.  When she finished, Dr Oz checked her pulse and she was normal.  Dr Oz then presented a giant, blow up heart (it reminded me of one of those bouncy castles kids love).  Dr Oz walked Jean (and the audience) through the different scenarios that may cause you to have chest pain.

Dr Oz: Chest Pain Causes

– Plaque
– Plaque that is closed off all the way (in this case, you’ll need bypass surgery)
– A clot inside the heart muscle.  Dr Oz used a red balloon, labeled clot, to demonstrate how a clot moved through the chamber and eventually ended up in the brain, causing a stroke. Irregular heartbeats also cause clots.

Dr Oz: Heart Health Tips

– fish oil
– baby aspirin
– make sure blood pressure is not too high. (Take 1 tsp of psyllium per day to lower bp and cholesterol)

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