Dr. Oz: Heart Disease Caused By Cholesterol


Half of the people who read this article are affected by heart disease from cholesterol.  Dr. Oz’s helper of the day, Yolanda, said that she had her cholesterol checked, and that her doctor said it was a good level, but she did not know her cholesterol level.  This is a major no-no.  If you called up a bank, would you be ok to just hear them say your account looks fine, or would you want to know the actual amount of money in the account?  When you take a cholesterol test, find out what your level is, and remember it!  This will be useful for you in the future.

Cholesterol is both good and bad.  The good side of cholesterol helps to make cell membranes in your body.  The bad part of cholesterol is the thick plaque that builds in your aorta, making it more difficult for your heart to pump blood throughout your body.  The aorta is a big tube that carries blood around your body.  Dr. Oz showed a bad aorta, which is hard, flaky, with lots of cracks.  If one of these chips flake off of the aorta and goes to your brain, you get a stroke.  So a healthy aorta is important not just because of heart disease, but also because of the risk of a stroke.


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