Dr Oz: Heart Disease: Take Blood Pressure in Both Arms & More Tips

Dr Oz did a segment called 3 Things Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Heart Disease.  As you probably know, Doctor Oz dedicated his career to the heart and he says there are likely 3 things about Heart Disease that your doctor is not telling you but could be crucial to save your life.  Dr Oz said that he recently did an article on this topic with Family Circle Magazine – I will link up to it as soon as I find it or when it becomes available online!

Dr Oz: Take Blood Pressure In Both Arms

Dr Oz said that when you are taking your blood pressure, there is a right way and a wrong way.  One lady said that her doctor told her to elevate her arm above her heart and to use the Dr Oz 3 Things Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Heart Diseaseupper arm of her left arm.  Dr Oz said that you should take your blood pressure in both arms, because it may not be the same and that can be a big insight.  Check at least once a month and more often if you are hypertensive.  If your blood pressure is very different in both arms, it could be a big clue that one of your arteries is more blocked than the other.  Dr Oz’s guest had fairly similar numbers in both arms, so that part was good – however, both numbers were extremely high.  Dr Oz told her there is no point in checking numbers that show you are killing yourself if you do not do anything about it.  He told her that physical activity is the first step.  Start by walking 30 minutes a day or break a sweat for 10 minutes a day.

Dr Oz: LDL Cholesterol Under 100

Dr Oz said that people sometimes focus on the wrong cholesterol number.  You should worry about your LDL Cholesterol or your “Lousy Cholesterol.”  Your LDL Cholesterol should be under 100 and hers was 204.  You can help to lower your LDL Cholesterol with healthy fats like olive oil, good whole grains, and high fiber foods.

Dr Oz: Pre-Diabetic & Heart Disease Risk

Dr Oz said that if you are Pre-Diabetic, you are at a higher risk for getting Heart Disease.  If your Fasting Blood Sugar is under 100, you are fine.  100-125 is Pre-Diabetic and over 125 is full fledged Diabetes.  If you have big numbers, you can do things to reduce it.  Start by eliminating cookies, soda, and chips from your diet.  Eat whole grain rice and bulgur wheat.  You have to make it easy to do the right things by stocking the right foods in your kitchen.


  1. Joe says

    When taking a blood pressure reading, is it best to be sitting down or standing up? This was not mentioned in the segment or in the synopsis. Thank you.

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