Dr Oz: Heart Disease Warning Signs | #1 Killer of Women


Dr Oz: 5 Heart Disease Warning Signs

From the minute the patient’s heart stops, their life is in Dr Oz’ hands. Most may relate heart disease as a man’s disease, but Doctor Oz says that ¼ of his patients are women. In fact, it is their #1 killer.

For the first time, Dr Oz allowed cameras into his operating room as he performed a triple bypass on a 63-year-old woman with 4 kids. The woman on the operating table missed all of the warning signs, and now her life was in Dr Oz’s hands. Dr Oz showed the procedure real time, as he and his team of doctors harvested healthy veins from her leg and used them to reroute the damaged done. The operation would take the patient to the brink of the death and would stop her heart, to where she actually flat lined. After the operation, the blood will be able to flow past damaged areas and function normally again.


  1. Florence says

    My mother died of a heart attack. She had heart disease. I have been very fatigued neck pain, indigestion, headaches and at times I will get nauses at times. My cholesterol LDL is higher than it should be. Heart disease runs in my mothers side of the family. I am going to be the same age as my mother was when she died. What would your recommendation be?

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