Dr Oz: Heart Makeover: Secrets To Add Years To Your Heart!


Dr Oz: Healthy Heart Tips

In this segment, Chaz, a husband, sent in a video of his wife, Anisha, ordering and eating a bunch of fast food such as burgers, chicken, and other fried foods.  (I would kill my husband if that were me!)  Chaz wrote into the Dr Oz Show, asking him for help to clean up his wife’s bad eating habits.  Chaz told Dr Oz that they had been married for three years in September and her eating habits have gotten a lot worse recently.  In turn, Anisha told Dr Oz that she used to have good eating habits before she got married but after getting married, she adopted her husband’s bad eating habits.  (Good for you!  Way to turn it around, girl!) Dr Oz Heart Makeover Doctor Oz asked what Anisha’s biggest weakness was and she told him that she loved crispy fries.  Dr Oz killed her buzz by telling Anisha that fries are one of the major drivers of weight gain.  Dr Oz didn’t leave it there (as you may have guessed), he had healthy fries for her.

Dr Oz: Antioxidants for Heart Health

The Secret: Add antioxidants


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