Dr Oz: Heartburn Helpers- Ginger & Foods That Help Heartburn


Doctor Oz played a game called “Heartburn Helpers” to teach us what foods help heartburn and what foods cause heartburn.  If you have heartburn, then this could save you pain!  Heartburn Helpers

Heartburn Helping Foods

1.  What helps Heartburn: Cheese or Beans?

Cheese is high in fat and can cause heartburn.  Beans are high in protein and can help prevent heartburn.



  1. says

    is it fresh ginger you use for arthritis leg pain, my uncle canlt take any more med’s as he is on a lot
    for other thing’s, so will ginger help , fresh or the bottled spiced type, he is diabetic.

  2. says

    Veronica, I do not believe that Dr Oz specified the type of ginger, though I tend to believe that fresh is always best for vegetables / herbs / fruits etc. Also, for Diabetes, you may want to try cinnamon too!

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