Dr Oz: Heartburn Symptoms & Heartburn Triggers


Dr Oz did a segment on heartburn.  If you fail to take Heartburn seriously, it can be deadly.  Doctor Oz said that Heartburn is painful and a commonly misdiagnosed condition.  60 million Americans will suffer a severe Heartburn Symptom at least once a month. Dr Oz Acid Reflux

Heartburn is often said to feel like your chest burning, you get pain after you eat or you feel like  your throat is coated in acid.  Dr Oz said it starts with acid bubbling up from your gut.  You may have something called GERD, which may aggravate Asthma or could even be a precursor to Ulcers or Cancer.


  1. Joanna Lawrence says

    I have a burning in my stomach when I get hungry or 2 – 3 hrs after eating. I am taking prontinix but it is getting worse. This wk I tried probonitxs for a couple days, the result were
    worse. It seems that the only thing that temporarily eases the burning is ice cream, frozen yogurt or yogurt.

    Dr. Oz I really need your help.
    Thank you for your time,
    Joanna Lawrence

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