Dr Oz: Heartburn vs Heart Attack


Dr Oz did a segment on Heartburn Symptoms & Heartburn Triggers, which he then followed up with a discussion of how to tell if you have Heartburn or a Heart Attack.  Doctor Oz said that of course the consequences could be a matter of life or death.  Heart attacks block blood from going to your heart, while Heartburn is a digestive issue, but people can confuse Heartburn and Heart Attacks. Dr Oz Heartburn or Heart Attack

Heart Attack Pain vs Heartburn Pain

Dr Oz said that where the pain occurs is a good clue as to whether you are having Heartburn or a Heart Attack.  Heart Attack pain generally is felt as pressure in your chest and may move to your back, neck, arms and jaw.  Dr Oz said it is commonly found in your left shoulder.  Heart Burn Pain is a burning irritation felt beneath the breastbone and it may move into your throat.

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