Dr Oz: Heavy Purses Cause Headaches & Back Pain: Healthy Purse Tips


Dr Oz: Healthy Purse Advice

Dr Oz did a segment on what you should remove from your purse to help prevent back pain and health problems.  Doctor Oz weighed the purse of everyone in his audience and the total weight was 403 pounds, which is around the same weight as a fully grown gorilla!  He found two ladies who had the heaviest purses – one weighed 10 pounds and the other purse weighed nearly 15 pounds.

Dr Oz: Flat Strap Purse

Doctor Oz first spoke to the woman with the 10 pound purse (which is equivalent to carrying around two sacks of potatoes).  She was carrying around toys for kids, bubbles, a bottle of water, hand sanitizer, a book, a wallet and a bottle of hairspray.  Dr Oz said that when you carry a purse on your shoulder that weighs 10 pounds, you naturally will push up your shoulder and freeze your muscle to counteract the weight.  The result can be neck pain and headaches.  Dr Oz said that often when a woman has a headache mainly on one side of her head, it is due to the weight of her purse.  Doctor Oz said that you should avoid purses with rounded straps, because they actually cut off circulation in your body.  Instead, look for a bag with a wide, flat, cushy strap.

Dr Oz: Cross-Body Bag

Dr Oz next spoke to the lady with the 13 pound purse and found that she was carrying around extra shoes, a wallet and a whole slew Dr Oz Heavy Purseof different electronic devices.  Her purse was the type that you either hold in your hand or sling around your elbow, both of which are bad for your lower back.  Doctor Oz said that at least if you are going to insist on carrying such a heavy purse, you should opt for a Cross-Body Bag… and as long as you have walk confidently, you will still look cool!


  1. says

    hi, when I got home My husband took my purse off the counter and weighed it. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he saw the show today and wanted to see what my purse weighed. I told him it wasn’t “that” heavy (he complains that I carry too much STUFF) and my purse weighed 6 lbs. so I took out all my loose change and old mail I was carrying around and then it was 4 1/2 lbs.
    thanks for all your informative information. I always check the show on the internet when I come home from work.

  2. says

    It always gives me a backache to carry a purse..even a small one. So now I just take one of them hip packs and that has relieved my shoulders and back. I have bursitis so didn’t want the other shoulder to get inflammed.

  3. Tema Burk says

    AMEN! I now carry a small stretch purse. If carries everything I really need and my shoulder if much relieved.

  4. Rosalee Adams says

    Sometime ago I changed to ergonomically correct bag and it has made a HUGE difference.
    It is still a shoulder bag but it is just so different…love it and it is washable too

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