Dr. Oz: Help Your Spleen With Dark Chocolate & Potatoes

Doctor Oz spoke about the spleen, which is an organ that is vital to your immune system (and located right in front of your kidneys). People used to think that the spleen had no purpose and was just in the way… and this is why I never like it when doctors say to remove organs because there is no purpose for them. I don’t think the spleen was ever removed though, because if you take out your spleen then you will hemorrhage to death because you have a major blood vessel that goes into it and pulls a lot of blood.

Your spleen cleanses your red blood cells which is why the spleen is so crucial for your immune system.  Your red blood cells live for 120 days and then they need to be cleaned.  When people have serious trauma, then little pieces of their spleen breaks off and attaches to other places.  You can help your spleen, and thus help boost your immune system by eating dark chocolate, which contains flavonoids or by eating potatoes with their skin, which contain vitamin b6.

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