Dr Oz: Hemorrhoids, Anal Charlie Horse & Anal Fissure Botox

Dr Oz: Butt Pain Causes

Dr Oz did a segment on the three most common causes of Butt Pain: Hemorrhoids, an Anal Charlie Horse (or Proctalgia Fugax) and Anal Fissures.  Doctor Oz offered cures and remedies for all of these pains in your butt that range from Botox to Hydrocortisone Gel to Tennis Balls.

Dr Oz: Anal Fissures

Dr Oz said that pregnant women get Anal Fissures a lot, but you can also get them from other things like straining when you have a bowel Dr Oz Anal Charlie Horsemovement.  An Anal Fissure is a small tear in the opening of your rectum.  When you pass a piece of hard stool, it can tear the very sensitive anal mucosa.  Doctor Oz suggested eating fiber to help prevent Anal Fissures.  If this does not help, some people are even getting Anal Fissure Botox because by injecting Botox into the muscles around your anus, you can relax the muscles so that you do not keep getting more Anal Fissures.

Dr Oz: Hemorrhoids & Hydrocortisone

Dr Oz said that Hemorrhoids effects 10 million of us.  The problem starts in your rectum.  As a bowel movement comes down, the veins in the area can get squeezed and pushed, which can cause the veins to get pushed off.  Internal Hemorrhoids tend to not be very painful, but they do cause blood in your stool.  External Hemorrhoids on the other hand are very painful.  One way to treat Hemorrhoids is by using an over-the-counter Hydrocortisone Gel in a 1% strength.  Doctor Oz’s bigger tip though is to not use regular toilet paper which is irritating like sandpaper.  Instead, try moist wipes or moisten toilet paper before wiping your butt.

Dr Oz: Anal Charlie Horse Tennis Ball Massage

Dr Oz’s final “pain in the butt” was an Anal Charlie Horse – more scientifically called a Proctalgia Fugax.  An Anal Charlie Horse happens when the muscles get taut and start to spasm.  If you do not get the muscles to relax, it can be a very irritating and painful feeling.  Doctor Oz said that you can treat Anal Charlie Horses very easily with tennis balls.  Place a tennis ball under your butt while you sit on a chair.  You want to position the tennis ball to be under your perineum.  Then move your body around on the tennis ball to rub the area which will help your muscles to relax.

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