Dr Oz: Hemp Milk, Coconut Milk & Almond Milk Health Benefits


Dr Oz: Samantha Heller’s Milk Alternatives

Doctor Oz did a segment on three new miracle drinks for your health that are all different forms of milk, not the usual cow’s milk that most of us drink.  We have all heard of Soy Milk, Rice Milk and Hazelnut Milk before, but what about Coconut Milk, Almond Milk and Hemp Milk?  These alternatives to regular Cow’s Milk are packed with nutrients and special health benefits, and all of them cost under $5 each.

Dr Oz: Coconut Milk For Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that Coconut Milk helps you to lose weight, but only if you get the Coconut Milk that does not come in cans.  Samantha Heller said that Dr Oz Hemp Milkcanned Coconut Milk has 550 calories and tons of fat, but it is mainly used for cooking and baking – not for drinking.  Regular non-canned Coconut Milk has only 50 calories and 5 grams of fat, which is perfect to add to your coffee or to pour over a bowl of cereal.  The fat found in Coconut Milk is actually a good kind of fat that is metabolized quickly, which is why some scientists believe that it may be a great tool for Weight Loss!

Dr Oz: Almond Milk For Healthy Skin

Dr Oz said that Almond Milk is great for your skin, because almonds are full of Vitamin E.  One glass of Almond Milk gives you 1/2 of the Vitamin E that you need in a day.  And Vitamin E is important because it protects your skin from sun damage, moisturizes your skin and gives you an anti-aging boost.

Dr Oz: Hemp Milk For Memory

Doctor Oz’s favorite alternative to Cow’s Milk is something called Hemp Milk which comes from Hemp Seeds.  Samantha Heller said that Hemp Seeds are a cousin to pot and marijuana, but you cannot get high off of it.  Hemp Milk will help you to feel energetic, but it also is great for your memory. Why?  Because Hemp Milk is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are great for your heart and your brain.  Your brain is 2/3 fat, and the omega 3 fats help your brain’s neurons to communicate properly.  Dr Oz said that he loves Hemp Milk on cereal and in his coffee because it is a wonderful source of Omega 3’s and it improves your cognitive function and memory.


  1. Judy Fazio says

    Since canned Coconut milk isn’t recommended should we buy low fat coconut milk in a tetra pak?

  2. says

    I have been using almond milk for a year or so I love it . Its good on my oatmeal and is great just to drink. I just tried coconut milk I really like it as well.The nutty flavor is good with my oatmeal.

  3. Raphael says

    Hi, … Dr Oz. I’m a fan of their programs, and admire all their knowledge and love them thank you for sharing with all viewers. I’m from Miami Fl and can not find hemp milk. Know a special place where you can find. And “I” am a person 60 years and have never taken any milk. And for all properties that have me want to try to see if I like and I settled. Ahhh … and “Thank You” for the program as interesting and intuitive.
    Sincerely, Ralph.

  4. isabel says

    I am trying the hemp milk for the fist time today . I hope I can tolerate it. First I was afraid of any food reaction or allergy since I can not eat nuts, like almonds, peanuts and some others.
    I have a question. Can some residuos of “marihuana” can appear or show in your blood at the time of checking your blood? I use the milk in the cofee, and in the cereal. I am afraid to use everyday because I am afraid to gain weight. Can you tell me how often should i use so that I don’t gain weight.

    Thank you in advancefor your recomendations . Sincerely, Isabel

  5. Carol McMillen says

    I like hemp milk on cereal. I also take hemp oil, about a tablespoon a day, which has a pleasant taste. I use the Living Harvest brand which is labeled as Tempt. I also like Tempt hemp milk ice cream. I think it is better to get the essential fatty acids ( EFA’s ) from plant sources rather than from fish oils, because fish stocks are in danger from over harvesting and can be contaminated with mercury and other toxins. I am a 68 year old retired RN. Thank you Dr Oz for your contribution to our health!

  6. carol says

    I’d like to know too where do we get coconut Milk if the canned milk is not good for us.

  7. Timothy says

    Found this site looking for the list of the metabolism booster that was talked about on the Dr. Oz show today. Thanks much for the list. I then looked for the list of coffee benefits that was talked about a month or two ago. What came up was “Samantha Heller’s Milk Alternatives”, not what I was looking for. However I do have one question. The listing makes the claim “These alternatives to regular Cow’s Milk are packed with nutrients and special health benefits, and all of them cost under $5 each.” What amount of each of the listed milk alternatives does $5 purchase. a quart?

  8. says

    Hi To Whom it May Concern;

    I wanted to share with you that I created a non dairy milk made from sunflower seeds – it’s a brand new non dairy sunflowermilk under the brand name Sunsational. I saw there were some stories about non dairy milk and some stories about the health benefits of sunflower seeds and this is a brand new combination of both.

    thank you,


  9. Brenda says

    I tried giving my son regular milk after I stopped nursing him, he wouldn’t have it. I gave him soy milk despite my concerns, he still didn’t like it. Then I tried almond milk… Didn’t like it either. But once I gave him hemp milk he was happy, he calls it his good drink. I love it and am so glad it’s beneficial. I was also wondering if it’s okay for him to have as much as he wants???

  10. daisy says

    tried both coconut and hemp milk with my oatmeal. both taste good but i love hemp milk more!

  11. Carol says

    I was wondering I have used the coconut milk in the can but want to get the coconut milk you mentioned and the Hemp milk and almond milk where do I find it. Thank You.

  12. Carol says

    Thank you for letting me know where to find the coconut milk and the hemp & almond milk. I’ve seen the almond in the grocery store is it ok? I forgot what the brand it was.
    Thank You again,

  13. Carol says

    I have found coconut Milk in Fred Meyers they do carry some organic things, but don’t know if it is ok. It tastes ok.

  14. Debi says

    I really LOVE both almond and coconut milks. As far as a glass to drink I prefer coconut milk because it is so white (which may not be significant in terms of health but it reminds me of dairy milk). And the refreshing taste of coconut milk is outstanding. Also it gives me an immediate boost of energy! I enjoy cooking with almond milk. It is rich and thick and doesn’t require as much thickening as cow’s milk for sauces.

  15. Debi says

    Oh and one more thing that you should all know is that Silk makes Coconut Milk. There is a brand called So Delicious that makes a coconut milk but it is not as fortified with calcium which I like. Silk is 45% DVR and So Delicious is only 15% or something like that.

  16. Summer says

    Silk & So Delicious both sell coconut milk in cartons in the refrigerated secion of most supermarkets (walmart, target, kroger, etc) & at natural health food stores. You can google the companies to get more information.

  17. BARBARA says

    i make my own almond milk with a cup of almonds soaked overnight and then put in a blender with purified water about 7 cups. I strain it with either cheese cloth or recently I bought a nut milk bag. Lasts me about 5 days and I mix it with cold coffee that has cinnamon and vanilla extract in it. Over ice its great.

  18. Mesfin says

    I also make my own Almond and Coconut milk. The Almond milk is just like what Barbara explained. For the Coconut milk I just crack open coconut and take the meat and then put in a blender mix it with water and use cheese cloth to strain the pulp. I drink the milks right after my workouts and or add them to my oatmeal breakfasts. I use the pulp from the Almond and Coconut to make delicious muffins.

  19. sarah says

    I just discovered Coconut Milk. I absolutely love it and I even add a tsp of fiber to it! You can find the non-canned coconut milk in the natural perishable section at a local grocery store.

  20. Mesfin says

    I make my own Almond and Coconut Milk. It has great taste and no additives and no heat which may destroy the benefit you get from the raw material. I use The Montel Williams Health Master blender to make the milk. I think any other strong blender should work as well

  21. Ccleve says

    IS there anything I can mix with hemp milk to help my son drink it? By the way, I have found both coconut & hemp milk at giant eagle for the people who were wondering. I’m sure any type of whole foods store would have it as well. Coconut milk is easier to find (right in the milk aisle), but hemp milk is a bit harder to find.

  22. Katrina says

    I have found all of these porducts at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and quite a few “natural” food stores. I have even found the almond and coconut milk in Costco. If you live in a fairly rural town, you can always order them online.

  23. Mesfin says

    I make my own Almond and coconut milk with Montel Williams HealthMaster blender. It is easy to make and store. I have not determined the fat and caloric contents of them so far but I think it is better than the can products. They are awesome drinks. Try it out.

  24. Michelle says

    I recently bought Coconut Almond Milk. Was in the beer/mixed drink aisle at Walmart.

  25. Melissa Dessert says

    My favorite is coconut milk. It’s a little more rich than the almond and hemp milk. It also seems to have more calcium than the other two and also contains potassium which the other two do not.

  26. Gaby says

    First of all, love you Dr Oz and all that you do. I’ve tried to phase out cowmilk over the last few years, but there are certain times, that cow’s milk substitutes just won’t do. Love soy milk (Silk brand) plain or chocolate (I add plain to it, because too sweet)…but soy milk is way too thick and tastes too different to put on cereal…it also doesn’t quench thirst for me like cow’s milk. In terms of coconut milk, could not get into the flavor of “Silk” or “So delicious”, but “Coconut Dream” (in the regular aisle, not refrigerated) is AMAZING! Tastes sooo good and refreshing, mildly sweet. My kids like it as much as cow’s milk or more in the morning. Almond milk generally mediocre tasting in my book- alone or in smoothies. None of these alternative milks cuts it in terms of a “creamer” substitute for cow’s cream – they are thick but don’t lighten the flavor or color of coffee quite enough. Look forward to trying hemp milk!

  27. Betty says

    Thanks Dr Oz. I just found organic almondmilk unsweetened with (1g) sugar from Wholefood grocery store with brand name 365 everyday value. And it says it has no genetically engineered ingredients or seeds in the product that is labeled organic by Law. My husband and I have always drunk cow’s milk in the past. We just started drinking Almond milk and love it. Some brands of Almondmilk have too much sugar so we check the labels since we don’t want a lot of sugar. We find Almondmilk rather bland if we drink it by itself, but it is delicious in our coffee and oatmeal. We will start putting it in our recipes. We will also want to try the Coconutmilk and Hemp milk also.

  28. Mary says

    Why are most people on this site purchasing processed almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk?! Processed drinks that come in prepackaged cartons have been pasteurized and so they are lacking in nutrients. Why not make your own almond milk, coconut milk and hemp milk. It is so easy and quick to do, plus you get ALL the health benefits from the raw unpasteurized almonds, coconut and hemp. All you need is a good blender. Almond milk is made from raw almonds and water. Coconut milk is made from coconut flesh found inside the coconut and water. Hemp milk is made from unshelled hemp seeds and water. Optional extras are two dates to add a healthy sweetness, vanilla bean and cinnamon powder to add additional taste. I am currently enjoying homemade hemp milk blended up with papaya, blueberries and raw kale. Soooo good.

  29. Johanne Louise says

    Hi Dr.Oz….I just wanted to tell You I love your show I try and watch every night after I come home from work as I’m a determine Young Lady of 50 yrs young as my health is very important to me…I’m divorced and have a second chance to a great life with my 3rd husband…I had tried to always keep fit I started to take last xmas to watch my weight I had started garincia’ and Ketone which made me loose up to 44.5 lbs. I had slim down to med builted size 14 pants…which before I was a size 16 pants…I saw the show of almonds milk coconut milk, Hemp Milk I search all over for the hemp milk I finally brought the seeds so I decide to make my own milk with the seeds and Now I’m in the fall of 2014 Oct 10 and finding all kinds of recipes to make my hemps milk so I can start to maybe loose at least another 25 lbs. but now stay as Im as I work 40 hrs. a week only one day off .Im not very active in the winter months but will try to make myself feel better and healthy for the balance of my future Life and maybe enjoy on being a grand ma with my only son one day in this lifetime…..I use 1/4 cup of hemp seed organic with 1 cup of boiling water you grin it in blender and it works I have found many recipes on this one frozen watermelon scoop out of its shell rim its so yummy you will think your cheating but your not……… its almost sinful…its amazing…the taste….. to your question all 3 milk is great….but Hemp is the way to a great life..as I am so sure I will live a longer life now knowing what I have discover in all these wonderful shows that u do ….I’m signing off from Laval Quebec Canada Dr. Oz God Bless You your amazing human being Good night ….Johanne Louise

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