Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Trail Mix & Herbal Supplement Stress Relief

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Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Trail Mix & Herbal Supplement Stress Relief

By on March 21, 2011

Dr Oz Secrets To Recharge Your Body From Inside Out

Dr Oz: Recharge From Inside Out

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Audrey Kunin and Ashley Koff R.D. called Secrets To Recharge Your Body From Inside Out.  Have you already thrown your New Years Resolution out the window?  Doctor Oz and these two ladies gave us secrets to get your body back and your health as well with the best new ways to recharge your body from the inside out.  Below are great ways to eat healthy, lose weight and not feel deprived from Ashley Koff.  And click here for tips from Dr Kunin on how to make your skin glow from the inside out: Dr Oz Color Therapy.

Dr Oz: Rule Of 3

Ashley Koff has been a Registered Dietitian for 10 years and said that people always tell her one of three things: Dr Oz Stress Relief Spray

1. They eat well but don’t see results.

2.  They don’t have stamina to get through the day.

3.  They have a lot of pressure going on and are not making the right food choices.

Ashley Koff told Dr Oz that she has a Rule of 3 which starts with eating every three hours.  You need to put something in your body every three hours from each of the following 3 nutrient groups: carbs, protein and healthy fat.  In addition,  you can have unlimited amounts of vegetables.

Dr Oz: Teff Bread & Sprouted Almond Butter

Sharon, a lady from Dr Oz’s audience, said that she eats a healthy salad for lunch every day, but Ashley Koff pointed out that there is a lot of extra fat calories in her salad between the olives, egg yolk, bacon and salad dressing.  So Koff suggested that instead she starts her lunch with a pureed broccoli soup.  Then a new item I have never heard of before was shown: Teff Bread.  Teff is an alternative to regular flour but is a super healthy grain.  Koff mentioned that you can find Teff Bread most often in the freezer section  in your grocery store.  She also mentioned that you can spread Sprouted Almond Butter on the Teff Bread for some extra protein.  If you do not like this or want alternatives, you can also try Adzuki Beans which are high in fiber and contain both protein and carbs.  And for the healthy fat, you can have a couple small cheese wedges or avocado pieces.

Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Trail Mix Recipe

Ashley Koff said that after lunch, around 3 pm, people often grab for something to give them stamina and to pick them up, but these items often cause us to drop even harder.  So what is a good option for a Stamina Sustainer?  Dr Oz said that one of the biggest pitfalls people make is picking a sweet to give them a boost – even a granola bar is often full of tons of sugar which is not sustainable.  Instead, Koff showed Doctor Oz how she makes her own Hemp Seed Trail Mix Recipe out of organic whole grain cereal, unsweetened coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips and hemp seeds (which contain all three nutrients she spoke about before – health fats, protein and carbs).  You cannot eat unlimited amounts of this trail mix though.  One portion size is 1/2 cup or around the size of your fist.  Dr Oz said that they also make Hemp Milk which is delicious.

Dr Oz: Stress Relief Vitamins

Dr Oz’s third step in his Secrets to Recharge Your Body From The Inside Out: Internal Plan is to Embrace & Recover From Stress.  Stress is not bad for you according to Ashley Koff, it is inherent in your body’s makeup, but you have to teach your body how to recover and how to turn the stress off sometimes.  One options is to try eating more Cultured Veggies like Kimchi  and Sauerkraut, which are both fermented and the fermentation process provides more vitamins and antioxidants for getting rid of the damage cause by stress..  In addition, Dr Oz showed three different Herbal Supplement Stress Relief Options including the following:

New Chapter Organics Perfect Calm

Boiron Quietude Sleeplessness Restless Sleep

Sprayology Sleep Ease

Koff said that she uses the Stress Relief Spray (Sprayology Sleep Ease) before she goes on an airplane, because it helps with her anxiety over flying.  I have not personally tried any of these products yet, but I love New Chapter Organics multi-vitamins, so I might just have to give their Stress Relief formula (New Chapter Organics Perfect Calm) a try too!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Trail Mix & Herbal Supplement Stress Relief

  1. On the trail recipe can you use old fashion oats – either style? If not then can you give me a few suggestions. Thank you for your answer. Karen

  2. What are the proportion of each- whole grain cereal, oats, coconut flakes,and chips,?

  3. What is the recipe for Hemp Trail Mix, I couldn’t find it on the site?

  4. Try her blog

  5. Jewli Judd says:

    I too, would like the Hemp Seed trail mix recipe

  6. Jewli Judd says:

    Found the Hemp Seed Trail Mix recipe:

    1/2 cup Nature’s Path optimum Slim
    1/4 cup Nature’s path smart bran
    1 Tbsp manitoba harvest hemp seeds
    1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips
    1/4 cup unsweeted shredded coconut

  7. This may be a stupid question, but is this cooked? (Hemp Seed Trail Mix)

  8. Virginia, I don’t recall them mentioning anything about cooking any of the ingredients.

  9. Tess Nesser says:

    No, ingredients are not cooked. I just rewatched the episode (on the Internet) and they were raw and loose in the baggie).

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