Dr Oz: Herb & Supplement Buying Guide: Glucosamine & Echinacea

Dr Oz’s Supplement Buying Guide

Dr Oz said that many companies are slapping his name and face onto their products and claiming that he personally endorsed them, but they are all falsely using his name.  Doctor Oz said that he does not ever endorse any herbs or supplements and that he only endorses information.  His legal department has sent a huge pile of Cease and Desist Letters to companies who are wrongfully using his name.  Dr Oz said some companies are factually on target, but he thinks that what they are writing is meant to be misleading and thus is untruthful.  Here are some tips from Catherine Ulbricht, from the Natural Standard, on how to determine what herbs and supplements are safe to buy.

Dr Oz: Determine How Long A Supplement Has Been Used

The first thing you should do when considering to buy an herb or supplement is to find out how long it has been used.  If Dr Oz Supplement Buying Guideit has been used for centuries and is found in foods that we eat, then it is probably not as dangerous as other herbs and supplements.  Some examples include supplements like Green Tea Supplements, Ginger Supplements, Holy Basil and Willow Bark.

Dr Oz: Avoid False Claims

Catherine Ulbricht said that next you need to determine the claims the supplement makes so that you can avoid false claims.  Dr Oz said that if you see things like “magic pill,” “guaranteed weight loss” or “anti-ager” then these are likely too good to be true and will not work.

Dr Oz: Determine Supplement Safety

Doctor Oz’s final tip is to determine the safety of a supplement before taking it.  Talk with your health-care provider, and if they do not know the answer, they can look at Natural Standard to educate themselves and to look at clinical data.

Dr Oz: Echinacea, Glucosamine & Fish Oil

Catherine Ulbright showed how to apply the above rules to the three most commonly used supplements in this country: Echinacea, Glucosamine and Fish Oil.  Echinacea and Fish Oil have been around the longest, and Glucosamine is a littler newer but it is derived from something natural.  Fish Oil gets a grade of A.  Glucosamine gets a grade of A for Knee Osteoarthritis, and a grade of B for other types of Osteoarthritis.  Ulbright said that even though Echinacea may not be great at preventing health problems, there is good scientific evidence that it can decrease symptoms when you already have an Upper Respiratory Infection.  This was interesting to hear after another doctor totally bashed Echinacea in this segment: Dr Oz: Controversial Medicine


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