Dr Oz: Hernia Symptoms & Hernia Prevention Tips


Dr Oz Hernias

Dr Oz did a segment on hernias today, because if they are left untreated, they can be extremely painful and even cause death.  Doctor Oz said that thousands of people get Hernias, but many people are misdiagnosed with things like Pelvic Pain or Fibroids.  Here are some tips on how Hernias hide in women, what to watch out for and how to prevent Hernias.

Dr Oz: Where Can You Get Hernias?

Doctor Oz said that  Hernia is when your intestines pop through a hole in the lining around your body.  The casing in your body generally keeps the Dr Oz Herniainsides and outsides separated, but when a hole forms, the intestines can get hurt and strangled.  He showed an example of what happens to an intestine when it pops through the lining, and it turned very dark in color because the intestines essentially died in that area.  This is very dangerous and can even kill you.  Dr Oz said that you can get Hernias in several places including the following:


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