Dr Oz: Hernias- Abdominal Hernia Pain & Femoral Hernias


Doctor Oz did an episode on Hernias, Abdominal Hernia Pain and Femoral Hernias.  Hernias are caused by something slipping out of place and ending up where it does not belong.  Why do you get hernias?  What causes Hernias?  What can you do about Hernias?  Abdominal Hernia Pain & Femoral Hernias

Abdominal Hernia Pain

Abdominal Hernias are when your intestinal tissue push their way through your intestinal tract.

Femoral Hernia

Femoral Hernias are hernias between your leg and body, usually from the blood vessel from your belly to your leg.  Women are four times more likely to get Femoral Hernias than men.

Hernia Risk Factors

– Heavy Lifting



  1. ruby beck says

    my husband has been diagnosed with abdominal hernia,and liver failure due to hep c.he is 100%disabled military connected.doctor said no hernia surgery it would be a disaster.he smokes camel no filter cigarettes.will the cigarettes aggravate the hernia or make it worse.do u know of any home remedies or vitamins that will make hernia better.THank YOU,RUBY beck

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