Dr Oz Hernias: Hernia Causes, Helpful Hernia & Harmful Hernia Tips


Dr Oz did a segment on Hernias because 4.5 million people have hernias at any given time.  A hernia is a bulge inside of you and as you age, you may be at a higher risk for getting one.  Doctor Oz was joined by an assistant of the day – little did she know that he was going to have her pretend to be a hernia! Dr Oz Hernia Prevention

Dr Oz: Which Organ Causes Hernias?

Dr Oz asked which organ is most likely to cause a hernia?  You have to understand that hernias are caused by having a hole in your intestinal lining, and when something goes through the hole, it can become a hernia.  The liver is pretty big, so it cannot go through a hole, and the stomach is held down by the esophagus, so it cannot really move.  But the intestines are long, not too big, and can move to go through a hole and form a hernia.

Dr Oz: Hernia Causes

Dr Oz said that you can get different hernias in different locations, but you are often born with these holes in your intestinal lining.  The holes can become larger over time.  When you get a hole or have a hole in  your fascia (the casing) then the only thing standing between your intestines and the outside world is your skin.  Therefore, if you lift something heavy or cough, you can get a lump from your intestines bulging through the fascia and pushing on your skin.

Dr Oz: Hernias Cause Intestines to Die

Dr Oz said that you can get some soreness and aching from hernias, but this is not what doctors worry about.  The biggest danger is if you get gas or food is passing through after you get a hernia, so your intestines swell and now you have bowel that is swollen and stuck and can twist.  If this cannot come out, then the intestines will die, which can be life threatening.

Dr Oz: Helpful Hernia Tips

– Eat berries, which have lots of fiber and help to prevent constipation which can cause you to push hard and can form hernias.

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