Dr Oz: HGH: Human Growth Hormone: The Fountain Of Youth?

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Dr Oz: HGH: Human Growth Hormone: The Fountain Of Youth?

By on October 13, 2011

Dr Oz: HGH Shots Pros vs Cons

In this segment, Dr Oz examined the risks of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Injections into your body.  Some health professionals consider HGH The Fountain of Youth, while other health professionals believe the shot could actually cause more damage than good.

The Human Growth Hormone comes from the middle of the brain (the pituitary gland).  Our bodies need the growth hormone to grow and maintain tissue.  It peaks during the adolescent years, decreasess in our mid-twenties, and continues to decline as we age.  Some people believe that boosting HGH levels will make you feel younger and live longer.  However, others believe the boost interferes with our bodies natural functions and may even shorten life.

HGH has been around since 1950 and was used as a radical treatment for children with stunted growth to help them grow.  The results were miraculous.  Twenty years later, a synthetic form was made and used by body builders to create muscle tone.  Today, women (and men) have the hormone injected to do such things as to look younger, feel more energized as well as create muscle tone.  People have been getting the growth hormone through their doctors, trainers, and even via the Internet.

An audience member, Judy, admitted to taking HGH.  Judy is 65-years-old and told Dr Oz that since she has been taking HGH, people think she’s in her forties.

Dr Oz: HGH Injections Risks vs Benefits

Dr. Stuart Weinerman, MD stated that you should not inject this hormone into your body because there are no large outcome studies.  According to Dr. Weinerman, MD, there are short-term risks that include:

– Swelling Dr Oz HGH

– Joint pain

– Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

– Increase risk of diabetes

– Possible heart disease

– Possible cancer risks.

Dr. Alex Marti, MD, who is a Human Growth Hormone Specialist, stated that he had been giving his patient, Judy—an audience member—the HGH injection for several years. When Dr Oz asked how long Judy should remain on the hormone, Dr. Marti, replied, “She should be on it forever.”  Dr. Marti admitted that he would need to monitor Judy on a regular basis.  Dr. Marti also believed that there is plenty of misinformation out there regarding HGH.  He suggested that we become familiar with the product and be sure that qualified people are producing and performing the injections.  Dr. Martin stated that he had patients that had been taking the hormone for decades and are okay.

Dr Oz: Human Growth Hormone

Dr. Oz offered his professional opinion as well.  Dr Oz believes that HGH may lead to issues in the long run, such as cancer and in some cases, can even make you age faster.  He performed a demonstration with 3 candles.  Dr Oz lit the first candle.  He lit the second candle, which was shorter, demonstrating the aging process.  When he lit the third candle, he included an agent on the wick that represented HGH.  The candle flashed, popped, and burned out.  This was to demonstrate that while HGH may make you feel younger and full of life for awhile, eventually the hormone will burn out.

Dr Oz believes that patients taking HGH are “one big massive experiment and are just mice in cages” because the outcome of long-term use of this hormone is not known.  He stated that you should definitely not be obtaining this hormone from the gym, the Internet, or from another country, which is how one audience member, Tanya, received her injections.  Dr Oz went on to state that “the tradeoff is not worth it.”

Dr Oz ended the segment by asking how many audience members would still take HGH after the presented information.  One person raised her hand.  Personally, I believe there were more, but they were too afraid to raise their hands!  The women on stage who admitted to using it stated that they completely understood there were risks involved, but would still continue to use the hormone.

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Comments to Dr Oz: HGH: Human Growth Hormone: The Fountain Of Youth?

  1. Pondurenga Das says:

    Hi, I’m your usual 84 year old health nut, taking vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. I take no prescription drugs. My Atria have been in continuous fibrillation for about 10 years.

    About 2 months ago, I started taking a mixture of equal amounts of Arginine Pyroglutamate and Lysine – 2.4 grams before sleep. It is said to release HGH. Observed increases in my vigor and sense of well-being are remarkable.

    Of course, I am not doing a controlled scientific experiment. There are other significant variables. If you wish, I will send more info or come to your show..

    Thank you for discussing unusual practices in a responsible manner.

  2. barbara brooks says:

    To Pondurenga Das – Just checking – You take 2.4 grams of Arginine Pyroglutamate and 2.4 grams of lysine before bed? Please confirm. Thanks.

  3. if tis posible cuold you be so kind to give me the name of the alternative for the hgh hormone thankyou

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