Dr Oz: Hiatal Hernia Risk Factors & Prevention Tips


Dr Oz: Hiatal Hernia Symptoms

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up audience member, Jessica, who is a mom of 2 and bus driver. Jessica stated that on a busy day, it could take her ten minutes or less to eat.

Dr Oz showed an animation of a woman in a car, eating behind the wheel. Because she was eating quickly, the food was sucked down along with air. Dr Oz Hiatal Hernia The extra air caused her stomach to become distended and the acid used to digest food burned the stomach and came right back up. This is what is known as a Hiatal hernia. Dr Oz showed an endoscopy view, which showed the stomach being pulled back up into the chest. (Not pretty!)



  1. Fran says

    I have had a hitaus hernia for 5 years. It bothers me at every night. I am considering surgery. Are these types of surgeries safe?

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