Dr Oz: Hiccup Home Remedy, Snoring Home Remedy & Arthritis Remedy

By on November 15, 2010

Dr Oz gave a list of Dr Oz Approved Home Remedies for Arthritis, Hiccups and Snoring.  What home remedies work and which ones do not work?  Doctor Oz really surprised me with some of these Natural RemediesDr Oz Arthritis Home Remedy

Dr Oz: Gin Soaked Raisins: Arthritis Home Remedy

Dr Oz asked his guest to guess whether Gin Soaked Raisins or a glass of onion water is the best home remedy for Arthritis.  The answer is Gin Soaked Raisins are an Arthritis Remedy!  Dr Oz said that drinking alcohol cuts the risk of many different problems, but it can cut your arthritis in half – that is pretty impressive.  Why?  Gin is flavored with juniper berries that have an anti-inflammatory chemical.  Raisins also have chemicals that are similar to Aspirin and so they act as a natural pain reliever.  Dr Oz said that to do this Arthritis Home Remedy, you should cover your raisins with gin, let it soak in for a week and the gin will evaporate and go into the raisins.  Then Dr Oz said you should store your Gin Soaked Raisins in a moist jar and eat 9 a day.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Dr Oz: Cotton Ball & Q-Tip Hiccup Remedy

Dr Oz asked his next guest which of the following works as a Hiccup Home Remedy: tickling the roof of your mouth with a cotton ball or drinking garlic broth.  I was really hoping that Dr Oz was not going to say that garlic broth is the best Hiccup Remedy!  Luckily, he said that a big journal just found that one of the best Hiccup Cures is to tickle the roof of your mouth with a cotton ball or a Q-Tip – just make sure of course not to push anything to far back in your mouth or to swallow a cotton ball or Q-Tip!

Dr Oz: Didgeridoo: Snoring Home Remedy

Dr Oz asked his last guest which of the following is the best Snoring Remedy: taking a salt bath before going to bed or playing the Didgeridoo (a musical wind instrument).  Dr Oz said that playing the Didgeridoo before going to sleep can help to prevent snoring, because when you get Sleep Apnea, it is caused by collapsing airways.  The Didgeridoo instrument strengthens your airways and keeps them from collapsing.  You can either purchase a Didgeridoo for $30 online, or you can use an empty roll of wrapping paper or even a toilet paper roll – it just won’t sound as pretty.  Dr Oz demonstrated how to play the Didgeridoo, and basically you vibrate your lips and make a “brrrr” sound like you do as a child, and blow while making that sound into the tube.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Hiccup Home Remedy, Snoring Home Remedy & Arthritis Remedy

  1. Another effective home remedy for hiccup is to chew tarragon. Tarragon has antispasmodic properties.

  2. Hi Cori – what a neat Hiccup Home Remedy! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Getting a didgeridoo needs some cash, so may be singing can help stop snoring too if you don’t want to spend any money. Some say you can sing for about 20 min/day. Whether it is playing didgeridoo or singing, make sure people won’t get disturbed :-)

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