Dr Oz: Hiccups Home Remedy: Gargle With Ice Cold Water

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Dr Oz: Hiccups Home Remedy: Gargle With Ice Cold Water

By on March 7, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment all about Hiccups.  What causes hiccups?  What are the most effective Hiccup Home Remedies?  Doctor Oz even spoke about how long you can hiccup before seeing a doctor, because hiccups could be a sign of anything from a foreign body in your ear to a tumor or even a stroke.

Dr Oz: What Organ Causes Hiccups?

Dr Oz asked his Assistant Of The Day, Sharron from seat 99, which organ she thought was responsible for hiccups: the diaphragm, the esophagus or the Dr Oz Hiccup Remedieslungs?  She answered correctly – the Diaphragm is the organ that causes hiccups.  If you were to cut a body in half and to look at the diaphragm area, you would see the spine in the back and the sternum in the front.  The Diaphragm is actually see-through in the middle but thicker on the sides, and the lungs sit on top of the Diaphragm.  As the Diaphragm goes down it opens up your lungs, and as it moves up it pushes the air out of your lungs.  However, when you get the Hiccups, the Diaphragm snaps back down as soon as it opens.

Dr Oz: Hiccups Causes

Doctor Oz said that the following are some common causes of hiccups:

– Drinking too much

– Eating too much

– Getting overly excited

Dr Oz: When Do Hiccups Become Dangerous?

Dr Oz asked Sharron how many hours can your hiccups last before you get concerned about it?  The answer is 48 hours.  If you have hiccups for over 48 hours, then there are mechanical things that may be changing because the signals in your brain have been crossed.  It could be anything from a foreign body in your eardrum or even a hair in your ear… but it could also be the sign of something more serious like a tumor or a stroke.  So if you have hiccups for over 48 hours, then see a doctor.

Dr Oz: Hiccups Remedy

Dr Oz has spoken about Hiccup Home Remedies before (read Hiccup Home Remedy and How To Get Rid Of Hiccups.)  However today he gave a very interesting new Hiccups Cure – gargle with ice cold water for 45 seconds and your hiccups will go away!  Dr Oz also mentioned the common remedy which is to hold your breathe, but did anyone else notice that he had honey and sugar on his table but never spoke about it?  I wonder if there is some Hiccup Remedy using honey and sugar?  If you happen to know, please leave a comment below and share it with us!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Hiccups Home Remedy: Gargle With Ice Cold Water

  1. Janice Uline says:

    Sugar has been a successful remedy for Hiccups in my family for many, many years.

  2. I have found that a good hiccup cure is to hold your breathe and try to and guess when the next hiccup is going to occur. I my experience when you try to guess when the next hiccup will happen it never does and they are gone! I also noticed that if you always get rid of your hiccups you seem to get them more often, kind of like you have to deal with it sometime and your just putting it off when you stop them. This is just what I have noticed over the years.

  3. I know this will sound strange, but a sure cure for hiccups is to close your eyes and make circle with your finger on your eye lids. How it works I don’t know but it works. Read it somewhere doing it for years. I tell everyone I know and they can’t believe it.

  4. 2 packets of sugar swallowed quickly has worked for me for years.

  5. You only have to cough one time. No special remedies needed.

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