Dr Oz: Hidden Calories in Snack Foods: Trail Mix, Popcorn & Parfait

Doctor Oz played a game called “Calorie Hi/Lo” to teach us about the Hidden Calories in Snack Foods.  What has more calories cookies or trail mix?  How about popcorn versus tortilla chips?  Or a yogurt parfait versus a smoothie?  Plus, Dr Oz gave some great tips for how to make the high calorie snacks into low calorie snacks!  Hidden Calories in Snack Foods

Hidden Calories in Snack Foods: Trail Mix

Dr Oz said that trail mix has more calories than cookies, but you can make your trail mix healthier by making your own trail mix out of raw almonds and walnuts, cranberries, and dark chocolate pieces.

Hidden Calories in Snack Foods: Popcorn

Dr Oz said that popcorn has more calories than tortilla chips, because popcorn tends to have salt and butter all over it.  You can pop regular popcorn though, and then you will get all of the fiber without all of the calories.  You can spray some non-stick spray on your popcorn and then sprinkle it with a bit of garlic salt for flavor.  What a great idea Dr Oz!  I have this great spice called Zatar or maybe it is spelled Za-Tar that I got from the Israeli section of my grocery store, and it is great on popcorn!

Hidden Calories in Snack Foods: Parfait

Can you believe it – Parfaits have more calories than smoothies!  You can make a parfait healthier though by using Greek Yogurt, berries that are rich in antioxidants, and honey instead of fattening granola.



  1. Sila says

    Popcorn’s good points:

    * Popcorn is high in dietary fiber (0.9 grams per cup).
    * Hot-air popcorn is ultra low in calories and fat.
    * Popcorn is available in several varieties, including gourmet, at most markets.

    Here are just a few negatives of a diet filled with more Corn than Pop:

    * Popcorn can contain more calories and fat than potato chips. Though hot-air popped corn contains about 23 calories per cup, when you add butter to your pop, those fat grams and calories take on new heights.
    * Salted popcorn is extremely high in sodium.
    * Popcorn by itself is pretty boring. What is the first thing that we do when it gets boring? We search for tasty additives, like butter.

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