Dr Oz: Hidden Hazards in a Living Room & Air Freshener Recipe

Doctor Oz said that there could be Hidden Hazards in Your Living Room… do you know what they are?  Toxic Furniture, Lethal Light Bulbs and Harmful Fragrances – what can we do to protect ourselves and our families from these dangers in our living rooms?  Air Freshener Home Remedy

Toxic Furniture – Formaldehyde

Dr Oz said that coffee tables and other furniture made out of particle board is often glued together with formaldehyde.  Particle board furniture is most of the furniture you buy where you assemble it yourself, like Ikea furniture for example.  If the furniture chips, the formaldehyde can irritate your eyes and skin, especially if you are sensitive or have asthma.  You can keep your furniture from becoming toxic by spraying it with a sealant, especially on spots that get chipped.  By using a sealant, you help to reduce your exposure to the vapors the formaldehyde can give off.

Lethal Light Bulbs

You know those energy efficient light bulbs that have a strange twisty tube shape?  Well those light bulbs contain mercury, so if they break, they release mercury vapor.  So when you unscrew a light bulb, make sure to unscrew it from the base of the light bulb and not from the top of the light bulb.  If a light bulb does break, you have mercury moving through your home, so you should open up with windows to air out the house and turn off the air conditioning and heat if you have it on.  Also, you should use the sticky side of duct tape to pick up the pieces and mess, because if you brush the broken light bulb, the mercury will become aerosolized.

Harmful Air Fresheners – Air Freshener Recipe

Dr Oz said that the chemical fragrances in air fresheners can be harmful fragrances and can cause irritation to  your eyes and skin.  Also, your air freshener can block hormones from functioning properly and can cause fertility problems, because air fresheners often contain phthalates.  Instead of air fresheners, use beeswax candles or make your own air freshener by combining a few drops of lavender oil, orange oil, or any essential oil  you like into a spray bottle of water.  Shake.  Voila – non-toxic air freshener!


  1. Toss Junk says

    I’m sorry but if you have furniture with particle board, just get rid of it or keep it in a room of its own. Your bedroom should have no such stuff in it. Real wood stands and coffee tables are not that expensive. Huge cupboards belong only in the kitchen or a room that you can keep the door closed on that you don’t spend much time in. A dresser with particle board can be in such a room. When you dress in the morning, enter the room. When you are back home in the evening, keep that door closed so the living area and sleeping area get zero formaldehyde fumes.

  2. Toss Junk says

    There is no reason why a clothes dresser needs to be in your bedroom. I sleep in an empty room except for the small TV stand and TV + an ironing board + a small bedside table with lamp. Other than that, I enjoy the sheer emptiness around the huge bed and oriental carpet. The air is fresh. I used to have a huge particle board cupboard/shelving set with home entertainment system taking up an entire wall – The air was never fresh with that monstrosity in there. I had the landlord remove it. He was shocked that I would want all that great functionality removed. It doesn’t occur to landlords and most people that furniture in a bedroom needs to be minimal to keep air fresh as one sleeps.

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