Dr. Oz: Hidden Salt Shockers – Low Salt Foods + High Salt Foods

Doctor Oz gave a list of hidden salt shockers to teach us about Low Salt Foods and High Salt Foods.  Dr Oz did say that sodium or salt is essential for muscle and nerve functions, but too much salt can cause all kinds of health problems including high blood pressure.  Dr. Oz said that the recommended daily allowance for salt is 2300 mg a day of sodium.  Low Salt Foods

Low Salt Foods or High Salt Foods?

1.  How much salt is in Cottage Cheese?

Cottage Cheese has 900 mg of salt per serving.  Doctor Oz said that when foods are low fat, they tend to add a lot of salt to it to make it taste better.  Other low salt foods are yogurt, which has 150 mg of salt – or 1 ounce of swiss cheese, which has 50 mg of salt.

2.  How much salt is in a Frozen Dinner?

Frozen dinners have 800 mg of salt.  Dr Oz said that salt is addictive, so by companies putting salt in their frozen dinners, you become addicted to eating them.  Again, light meals or low fat with less calories usually also means higher salt.

3.  How much salt is in Restaurant Style Sesame Chicken and Rice?

Sesame Chicken and rice have 3060 mg of salt – more than the daily allowance anyone should have!  Dr Oz said that when you go to a restaurant, tell them to not add salt, and instead you can ask for other herbs or add salt yourself at the table.



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