Dr Oz: High Carb Days & Low Carb Days: Carb Diet for Weight Loss


Dr Oz: Carb Weight Loss Diet

Dr Oz and Chris Powell, the Trainer and Transformation Specialist from Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition, spoke to an audience member to find out the issue she had with carbs.  She told them that she loved carbs.  She spoke about how she enjoyed the crunch and the taste of potato chips but felt guilty afterward.  Dr Oz then asked how many audience members felt helpless against carbs and a large majority rose their hands.  Chris then gave some tips on how to still lose weight while eating carbs:


  1. Doreen says

    Could you please make it easier to understand and break it down for the on what to eat for the high day and the low day. Show the meal plan for each day. Please

  2. Michelle Drees says

    I agree!! I would love to try this but need more info on high/low carb foods and a meal plan would be great.

  3. says

    the information is good but we need exact foods to eat to accomplish this diet. I would love to lose twenty pounds and I think I could handle this diet with the right guidance.

  4. goofyrenee60 says

    I would like to have a meal plan! A menu! I can do it I just need a jump start….PLEEEEASE help. I am a failrl intellagent woman who needs help. I am a nurse who needs assistance here..come on!

  5. Jay says

    I agree a plan would be great! I’ven seen those bottle at walmart by the Whey shakes or by the blenders not sure how much they are.

  6. janna says

    the bottles of whey proteins r not that much. Maybe $18 for a two week supply drinking one shake a day.

  7. sara says

    I would like a more detailed list of what is considered high carb food, and low carb food, so i would be able to make a plan to fit my day.

  8. Becky says

    Ditto to everything that has already been said. I need to know how to make eating carbs work for me, ’cause I really do like carbs and I really do need to lose weight!

  9. Doreen says

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only 1 who felt lost after seeing the show. I was excited untill I found out you coudln’t find the diet on DR OZ to help get you started. If he wants to help he should have made this avaleable :/

  10. Ingrid Landers says

    When I saw the show I felt that this was possible for me as I am diabetic and HBP and an 80 year old 24-7 caregiver for a totally bedridden 89 year old husband. I need to lose at least 20 or 25 lb but have been stuck at the same weight for 3 years. Please send me the whole diet. I need help Thank you.

  11. pat says

    I agree that we need more ideas or a list of the low carb and the high carb foods. would be great to have a least a weeks of recipes.

  12. Michelle says

    I know Chris has a boking coming out but it is not until end of December. I want the plan now oh please and ditto to all the above.

  13. Kathy says

    Looks like this is one more show that I was excited to see for weight loss but really got little help. A few more definitive guidelines would have helped, along with a few product names and recipes. Why are programs like this on the air that lead you on? Are they trying to sell a book?

  14. Cindy says

    I really enjoed the episode with chris powell and the high/low carb diet cycle can you please lists what foods would be the best options to use for this diet for both high and low carbs

  15. Carol Davis says

    I’m sure Kathy (and others) are right that no info is given because a book is coming out. Pay up and then you will get some answers.

  16. Tammy says

    I’m so glad you had Chris Powell on! What a wonderful, giving man he is. He genuinely loves and cares for all people, just like you do, Dr. Oz.

    For those looking for menus, Chris empowered you everything you needed to create them yourself….using the foods you like.
    High carb day= 1 serving of protein, 1 serving complex carbs, plus all the veggies you want.
    Low carb day= high carb breakfast like the day before, the rest of the day 1 serving of protein, all the veggies you want, and healthy fat (like an avocado)

    Remember to have 5 of these meals a day spaced about 3 hours apart
    (you can find serving size for each item on the package or on line.)
    ex:1 portion of lean meats = 3 oz

  17. Lynne says

    I saw this episode as well. And, I thought it was great. I see the Chocolate Oatmeal Shake listed on the high carb days list. But, cannot find that recipe anywhere here. Does anyone know where on the site I could find that recipe?

  18. Tammy says

    I don’t think they posted it. Start with this and adjust it to your liking.

    1/2 c old fashion oatmeal
    8 oz 2% milk
    2 scoops chocolate whey protein (or whatever your package tells you to use with 8oz Milk)
    1/2 cup ice

    process oatmeal in blender or food processor to break it down
    add other ingredients and blend until smooth

  19. Susan says

    Can anyone list examples of all the foods listed above and provide a place where the receipes are located? Yes it was a very good show, but left many questions in my mind.

  20. Veronica says

    Tammy, which veggies are the best to eat. And can I have only 3 oz of meat a day, or each meal? I have so many questions and wish someone could tell me where to find the answers.

  21. Ronda says

    You can find all of the information on the diet in Chris’s book: Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. I got it on amazon.com.

  22. Carole says

    Dr Oz had another guy on earlier this month that spoke about this very topic – Timothy Ferris, author of 4-Hour Body. I purchased his book for my Kindle and read it in 2 days. I was excited about the plan and tried it for 1 week – and lost 6 lbs!!! It was quite difficult going into the second week, however. I have never felt hunger pangs but being on the low-carb plan for a week brought out what I can figure is hunger pangs because my stomach was constantly wringing and twisting and I was hungry. On my high-carb day (the diet gave you one day per week) I didn’t feel that wringing and twisting hunger. Then I saw this diet plan on Dr Oz yesterday and was ecstatic. The 4-Hour Body book did give me a good indication of what types of foods to eat for the low-carb days, if this would be useful to anyone. Of course, like this one, you could eat as many vegetables and as much of them as you like. High protein would be beans, meats, fish, cottage cheese, and avocado. Look at a glycemic index book or type in protein content of foods in your browser to see those foods that are high in protein. I am sure on this diet you can eat quinoa, a grain that is high in protein. Dairy is considered a carbohydrate. Basically, stay completely away from processed sugar and flour and any artificial sweetener that raises the insulin levels – stevia and xylotol are okay because they do not mess with insulin levels. As far as complex carbs are concerned, whole grains (no bleached flour) is okay, brown rice (soak it overnight to make it less nutty), and veggies. Watch the fruit intake. Don’t eat too much fruit. The fructose in the fruit is easily converted to stored fat and encourages fat storage. Hope this helps

  23. Matt says

    Love the Plan and the guide from Chris’s book but the meals are in definite need of a recipe. raw onions or sauteed, do I throw these 4 food items on my plate, cooked chicken, with with only Ms Dash, cold raw cups of veggies. To me the biggest killer of any diet plan is bland tasteless food….. need some help here.

  24. says

    LOVE Chris’ new book! Simple-straight forward and perfect for accelerated weight loss. I’ve been doing something similar with the exercises he outlines in the book but my diet has had me stalled for about 3 weeks so I went looking for something to “super charge” my metabolism. I found it in Chris’ book! Who better to turn to for dramatic transformations than the man himself… if you have 100+ pounds or more to lose like me, Chris’ program is the key to sustainable, long term weight loss. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to tell you all about my progress. If you want to follow my journey- feel free on Facebook.com/alifeoutloud Nothing to sell- just a 40 year old girl looking to get her body back! :)~

  25. Christina says

    there is a book, its called “Choose to Lose” 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution.
    you can find it on amazon for cheap. I just bought myself a copy and it has a lot of useful information 🙂 I’m starting this week.

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