Dr Oz: Home Remedies- Hair Mask: Mayonnaise, Eggs & Vinegar

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Dr Oz: Home Remedies- Hair Mask: Mayonnaise, Eggs & Vinegar

By on September 20, 2010

Doctor Oz, as part of his Ultimate Anti-Aging Show, had some viewers show him (and his panel of dermatologists) some Anti-Aging Home Remedies.  Some of the home remedies the dermatologists seemed to like and said they would try, but others they said they would avoid.  Anti-Aging Hair Mask Home Remedy

One viewer told Dr Oz that she has the best Home Remedy for Youthful & Shiny Hair.

Dr Oz’s Hair Mask Home Remedy: Mayo, Egg & Vinegar

You mix what looked like about 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1 egg and 1 cap-full of white vinegar.  Massage the hair mask through your hair, and put a shower cap on so that it can soak in as a deep conditioner treatment.  Then after 20 minutes or so, take a shower.

One dermatologist said that she would avoid this hair mask because of the potential residue.  I personally was thinking that it might be better to use apple cider vinegar than white vinegar, because apple cider vinegar is effective at removing residue from hair.  I will  have to give that a try!  The other two dermatologists seemed in favor of this hair mask home remedy and said that if your hair is damaged or has lots of chemical treatments, the mayo and egg will coat the outer layer of your hair so that it will be brighter and reflect more light.  Vinegar is also great for your nails, according to one of the doctors.

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  1. I used this when I was younger because my grandmother said it would prevent and mend split ends. Brunettes should definitely use the apple cider vinegar. Years ago I was buying an expensive product from a salon for my hair due to having hard water in our home. One of the stylists whispered to me that 1 part vinegar to 6 parts water would give me the same results. She was right – it worked like a charm using the apple cider vinegar. Now that I am reminded of these home treatments, I will go back to using them.

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