Dr Oz: Home Remedies: Shaving Your Face to Exfoliate Your Skin


Doctor Oz, as part of his Ultimate Anti-Aging Show, had some viewers show him (and his panel of dermatologists) some Anti-Aging Home Remedies. Some of the home remedies the dermatologists seemed to like and said they would try, but others they said they would avoid. Is It Safe for a Woman to Shave Her Face?

One viewer told Dr Oz that she has the best Home Remedy for Flawless Skin.

Dr Oz’s Flawless Skin Home Remedy: Shave Your Face with a Razor?

Dr Oz’s viewer said that her mother was a model and started shaving her face 30 years ago, and she personally started shaving her face 20 years ago.  She claimed that shaving your face is a great way to exfoliate your face and is one of the main reasons that men don’t wrinkle as much as women.  She shaves her face dry, but usually right after a shower.  She also recommends using a magnifying mirror and taking your time so that you don’t get any cuts, but she said she has never cut her face.


  1. M says

    All due respect Dr. oz, I completely disagree with your experts saying women should not shav their….well their reason at least. Why would these reasons they not apply to men? I think your doctors…experts response is a knee-jerk response. Japanese women have been shaving their faces (part of their beauty care) for a long time. I think you just need to be careful, using a cream etc while shaving/exfoliating.

  2. Susan says

    I first pluck any dark thick hairs. Only have 6-8 of them on wither side of my upper lip. Maybe 2 on my chin show up once a month. Must be slow growers, I look every day.

    Then I wet my face, put on an oil free moisturizer & shave my upper lip & my chin up to my lower lip. I love it. Do it every other day. No repercussions.

    Why don’t the experts tell men not to shave their faces? So dumb!

  3. sherry says

    Been shaving my face for 35 or so years. In my mid sixties, have had no plastic surgery,whatsoever and i look at least 10 years younger. Have never cut my face and I shave in the morning and night right before bed. It seems to accelerate hair growth, but having a few short hairs is a small price to pay. I have less wrinkling than my daughter who is in her early 40’s. Of course, I am very cognizant about sunscrean because I have lived in California and now Florida.

  4. Anna M says

    Duh! They have clients pay for their services! Of course they are going to tell you not to shave your face! Dr. Oz, really? Please at least have others on there to counter their opinions.

  5. Wendy says

    I believe the reason it would prevent wrinkles is the fact that you moisturize when you shave. Try facial scrub once a week and moisturizer and you will be amazed. 49 with no wrinkles at all.

  6. Melissa Holmes says

    Go touch your husbands face.. How does his skin feel? Different than yours? Yes because men have different hormone levels that cause their skin to be thicker than a woman’s.
    So .. Continue to compare yourself to a man but you are wrong. Their skin is not as easy to damage or cut. That is the difference. You are crazy to be shaving your entire face. The risks ar outweigh the benefits. Even if you have been doing it for years, that one time contract an infection you will regret it. When skin papr thin from years of taking off layers of skin, you will regret it. I’m a trained and licensed cosnetologist with many hours spent taking additional esthetics courses.

  7. Dawn says

    Ok this is pertaining to my face and i was told by my grandmother that woman shave their faces to exfoliate their skin but in my case i have now hard cyst growing on outside of cheeks. What can be the cause of this as i just now shaved my face for the first time in months cause ive shaved my face already and i can’t seem to figure out whats these cyst on my face are coming from? I am a 36 yr old woman that never had acne ever. Now these hard cyst are emotionally bothering me nothing put clear fluid comes out of them when squeezed as i hate doing that but you can only feel them sometimes visually you can’t see them.. So im thinking about going to a place to have a face peel or at least have a person clinically licence for skin care.
    Thanks please anyones comments will help
    Concerned Beautifully scared woman!!!

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