Dr. Oz Home Remedy for Chapped Lips With Baking Soda, Oil & Sugar

Doctor Oz did an episode on his viewer’s best beauty secrets.  Janice, one of Dr. Oz’s viewers, gave this fabulous Chapped Lips Home Remedy!  All you need is sugar is anti-microbial (for exfoliating your lips), olive oil (for sealing the moisture into your lips) and Baking Soda for making a nice frothy paste.

I have tried scrubbing my chapped lips with a toothbrush and a bit of oil, which has worked well… so I can’t wait to try Dr. Oz’s Chapped Lips Home Remedy recipe! If you have tried this before, or try it now, please leave a comment below to let others know how it worked for you and any tips or advice you have! For the full recipe with instructions, click on this link for Dr. Oz’s Chapped Lips Home Remedy recipe!


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