Dr. Oz: Honey Face Mask – Honey: the Liquid Gold & Pantry Healer


Doctor Oz discussed one of his favorite home remedies and pantry healers: honey!  Honey is like liquid gold because of all of its fabulous healing qualities.  Dr. Oz said that honey could not exist without sunflowers, and honey can be kept almost indefinitely in your pantry if it is kept in a dry and cool place.  It takes 500 bees a few weeks to produce 1 pound of honey.

Honey Home Remedy: Honey Heals Ulcers

Honey can heal ulcers because it can kill bacteria.  Since honey has such a low water content, it is extremely hard for bacteria to grow in honey.

Honey Face Mask:

Doctor Oz gave a great tip for how to make a Honey Beauty Mask out of Raw Honey (make sure it is Raw Honey!), French Green Clay or rose clay, Lavender Essential Oil or rose otto essential oil and water.  Here is the complete recipe for the Honey Beauty Mask Home Remedy.  Plus, here are a bunch of other Home Remedies with Honey!  Honey is great for your skin because it add moisture, and the clay work to draw out the impurities and toxins from you skin.

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